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16 Quirky Last Minute Gifts From Amazon That Will Save Your Bacon and Your Bank Balance [Gift Guide]


Look DON’T PANIC! OK? Just sit down and relax. Breathe. There, feel better? Sure the date is approaching like a steam train and you’re nowhere ready with the wrapping paper and ribbons, but it’s OK, we’ve got your back. Along with a very large shipping warehouse somewhere near your area. We’ll help you find something suitable for that crazy cousin, nephew, aunt, friend, person, and make you look like a star. Just let our handy Amazon gift guide spur your imagination, and let your mouse button do the hard work.

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1. Vintage Lighter Ring – $22.00


There’s an ancient Mayan proverb that says ‘he who is stuck outdoors without fire, gets roasted‘. Or something like that. We’re with the natives on this one, you never know when you’re going to need to start a life saving fire in the Alaskan winter forests, which is why you need to carry a lighter around with you at all times. Really. Gift Story: I bought this for you to keep our relationship warm and toasty!

2. Doctor Who Door Decal – $59.99


There’s no reason why anyone can’t transform into a time traveling lord of the universe, especially when the conversion is as easy as sticking a decal on a door. This gift may not help save the universe, but in the right hands it can be a source of merriment and escapism of the first order. Gift Story: I thought you might like some way out of the chaos in your life!

3. Fridgeezoo Fridge Pet – $22.00


Apparently there are few things more exciting or stimulating in life than to have a Japanese talking pet sitting inside your refrigerator who talks to you when the door is opened. And continues talking to you if the fridge door is left open. The joy comes from not understanding a word, and also from the power saving when you’re alerted. There are English versions too, but where’s the fun in that? Gift Story: To remind you of that time you forgot the freezer keys for two days!

4. Phunny Pharmacy Laughter Pill – $15.77


This is the perfect gift for someone who’s feeling a little poorly around this time. A quick squeeze of the sound bag should deliver enough roars of laughter to bring a smile to the saddest of faces. Of course the smile will widen even more if you include the odd bit of cash with the package, but we’ll leave that up to your discretion, friend. Gift Story: Hope you get better soon, champ!

5. DIY Wall Clock Kit – $24.00


This is one of those gifts which can deliver double value in one hit. First off, it can be delivered plain and simple, with the joy of assembly and image left to the recipient, or you could come up with your own image, theme or memory and craft a gift that will remind them of your feelings every time they glance up at the wall. Your choice, grasshopper. Gift Story: We don’t get the time to talk like we used to!

6. SunRocket Solar Kettle – $59.50


There’s something pretty wild about harnessing the power of the sun for something as banal as making a cup of tea, but for the outdoors type this is the type of challenge that makes it all worthwhile. When opened up, this device can boil water in as little as 30 minutes and then keep it hot for hours, just like a thermos. Just a reminder, you need sunshine! Gift Story: I thought this was perfect for your sunny personality!

7. Melting Clock – $12.28


There’s a little bit of the surreal in all of us, and for some people probably more than they’d care to admit. This gift is the perfect way to send the message to those outliers that you love them anyway, no matter how melted their clock seems to be. Oh and of course keeping time is always useful, no matter how Dali-esque your life is. Gift Story: Let’s not let time slip by again, OK?

8. Wrenchware Cutlery Set – $22.97


Everyone knows someone who knows someone who’s completely crazy about DIY and hobbyism (is that a word?), which is what makes this a perfect gift for that kind of fanatic person. We’re doubting whether you should use this set to strip down that ’67 Mustang in the garage, but for shoveling up the pie and peas it should be perfect. Gift Story: You said you wanted to fix your diet, right?

9. Dr Who Animated Chess Set – $57.49


There are few times when it’s more appropriate to dig out the old games as during the holiday season when family is around, and all that’s on the telly are the same old repeats from 1066. But maybe this year, with a little cunning, you can gift a more fun game like this to someone in the family, and actually spice up the action with some Dalek destruction. Gift Story: Maybe now’s the time to make your big move?

10. Log And Squirrel Plant Pot – $69.00


The ideal gift for the horticulturist in your group, this cute planter features a friendly squirrel who pops up when it’s time to water the plant. No more guessing if the plant is thirsty, and no more apologizing when you hand back a half dead plant to friends after ‘babysitting’ for them. Win-win. Gift Story: Could this be the start of a fruitful relationship?

11. Burger Muffs And Socks Kit – $14.99


Few things show love more than a carefully chosen set of apparel which matches the quality of the giver to the givee. Which is why this delightfully delicious set of matching burger ear muffs and socks makes so much sense. How else to enjoy all the thrills of an evening out at the local fast food fair without all those nasty trans-fats running through the bloodstream? Gift Story: I couldn’t find any pizza ones, sorry!

12. PowerUp Electric Paper Plane Kit 2.0 – $15.99


You really know that technology is marching ahead when you start seeing version 2.0 of electric paper airplane kits. But so it goes. This next generation product features 30 seconds of flight time from a single 20 second charge and it also features carbon fiber prop shaft and a super tough propeller. Warning – needs paper airplane making skills! Gift Story: Hope you enjoy the flight time, I couldn’t afford the airline ticket this year!

13. USB Desktop Aquarium – $34.95


Nowadays the trick to looking cool in the gift giving stakes is to grab hold of buzzwords and use them like lifesavers. One such phrase is ‘USB powered‘ which is sure to get some admiring looks from those who should know better… but don’t. This multi-functional desktop set holds lots of bits and pieces as well as a water tank for real live fish, all powered by a local laptop or USB power socket. Gift Story: You’re always moaning that your desk is a sea of trash!

14. Men’s Magnetic Therapy Bracelet – $16.96


You know what they say, if you’re going to give wacky, go full out. Don’t hold back. Why deliver a boring old man’s bracelet, when you can hand over a full-on therapy version with not just one or two ‘elements‘ but four, including our good friends negative ions and far infrared? Made of finest ‘surgical stainless steel’ and designed to deliver well-ness. What could possibly go wrong? Gift Story: I know how much you enjoyed the accupuncture retreat last year!

15. BookChair Book Holder – $13.99


Everyone has a bookworm in their life, lurking in the shadows with dog-eared copies of The Hobbit and Catch-22 in their bag, and they need nourishment. Books won’t do it, as they’re consumed too fast, but a neat way to consume books with minimal muscle power may just do the trick instead. This book rest is guaranteed to deliver more pages per finger twitch than any other. Or something. Gift Story: If you squint sideways it almost looks like a Kindle, honest!

16. Light Ranger LED Hero – $12.81


Sure you could give someone a flashlight, or even a desk lamp with a cute motif, but where’s the cool and crazy in that? No, what you really need to consider is one of these puppies, which not only come in a range of quirkful colors, but can also be posed to deliver light in the most exciting way possible. Nothing more to say, really. Gift Story: This immediately reminded me of you, pink and full of attitude!

So there you have it, our last minute quirky gifts from Amazon for your consideration. Why get all hot and bothered when you can take the fluff out of flustered, and let your mouse and keyboard save the day? We hope you find peace and have a great holiday!

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