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general April 8, 2003 posted by

Ultimate video card chart

If, like me, you’ve often (OK, not often but sometimes at least) wondered exactly what the state of the video card technology is at the moment, then you need this chart. See what cards feature what, and which is the most state of the art right now.

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Reviews April 6, 2003 posted by

Viewsonic Airpanel mini review

So I’ve been playing around with one of these here Airpanel devices from Viewsonic for a few days, and thought I’d share some thoughts about it. This is not a ‘real’ review, but in true Ferret style is more of a touchy feely kind of look at the product, so don’t take it as authoritative or anything will ya? :-) I opted to look at the V110 10″ model because I thought it sounded more useable than the hulking great…

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general April 4, 2003 posted by


Well the first set of posts for a while. Probably likely to be a little sporadic still while I get set up and settled in properly. But it feels good to be back in the saddle.

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