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30 Cool Gifts Under $50 For The Geek in Your Life [Gift Guide]

21. ProteX HD Car Dashcam With Nightvision – $45.10


Apparently almost every Russian car has one of these dashcam recorders on-board, which definitely says something about their love of video, birdwatching or something similar. Right? This puppy will record video in glorious HD and has IR to deliver night vision video too, so you can keep tabs on your fellow drivers even as you weave your way back through the icy steppes of Croydon. Marvelous. Buy.

22. One Year Smartphone Backup Battery – $49.95


It’s a sad fact of life that batteries run out of power sooner or later… and so too do backup batteries. Which can be a real pain in the dead phone zone. This handy gizmo, however, is designed to retain its emergency charge for months and months and months, which should keep you stress free and handset happy. It charges both iPhone and Android and is smaller than a pack of gum. Buy.

23. Heider Superpower Torch – $49.90


Sometimes a basic household flashlight just won’t cut it, which is when most hard-core folk turn to a more geeky solution. This usually involves copious amounts of forestry, a box of matches and some silver birch tinder. Or failing that a better flashlight. This model comes with more lumens than a lumen factory, and the ability to light up a cathedral at 300 miles. Or something. Buy.

24. Smile Name Badge Sports HD DVR – $35.00


Cameras come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, but we would guess that few are so brilliantly able to generate a grin as a smiley face badge right? Who can resist cracking a smile when faced with this icon of happiness, which should make all the video and images captured by this new HD hidden camera even more interesting. USB rechargeable, 29 fps and with microSD card storage up to 4GB. Buy.

25. Predict-A-Pen – $8.19


It’s a sad reflection of our times that some of the most popular boy toys around reflect our inability to make decisions. The Mystic 8 Ball springs to mind immediately, but there are others. Joining the ranks is this push button decision engine which will guide you towards your destiny, while also providing some handy ball point pen functionality. Should you buy it? Why not ask the… never mind. Buy.

26. Computer EcoButton – $21.23 (£12.99)


There are few things more stupid in life than an off button. After all what does it do? Nothing, except stop things. Pathetic. Only in some cases this can actually be a good thing. Like if you’re trying to save energy, the planet, your Uncle Herbert and so on. This button thingy is aiming to help save around 700,000 tonnes of carbon a year. But not on its own obviously. It will also clearly need some help from our Uncle Herbert. Buy.

27. Bicycle LED Lamp and Head Lamp – $37.09


Also known as ‘strap a lighthouse to your bike’, this 2800 lumens monster will probably blind bus drivers in Bangkok as you scurry happily along your local commuter route in Yonkers. The thing comes with a 150 meter range and the very cool bit is it can also be attached to your head with the included strap, which should give you some sort of Marvel Hero super power. Buy.

28. Aaron Portable Vertical Egg Grill – $30.99


Last time we looked this was called a Rollie Egg Thing, but times move on, and maybe Mr Rollie wanted his name back. Anyhoo, if you’re fed up with horizontal eggs starting your day, why not live a little and verticalize them with extreme prejudice? This thing cooks ’em, pops them up and then plays the Star Spangled Banner on the spoons as you consume your tubes of yolky whitey goodness with glee. Yum! Buy.

29. Warming Foot Massager – $39.99


You know what’s great at the end of a long hard day slogging at work? Yep, a cup of tea and a foot rub from a devoted Arabian Genie recently arrived from inside an ancient lamp. Failing that, this foot massager might fit the bill in a pinch. It may not say ‘yes master’ with abject adoration, but the warm fuzzy vibrations round your ankles should make up for that, right? Buy.

30. Cute USB Bear MP3 Player II – $36.00


Aw c’mon, it’s a teddy bear. It’s cute. Forget what it does, who’s not going to love this? It could poop radishes and speak Russian Mafia patois and we’d still go ahh… Well it doesn’t. Instead it features a built in MP3 player, integrated speaker, USB port and microSD slot, and can accept external flash drives. And it’s cute. Did we say that already? Buy.

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  • I have that Heider flashlight – it works phenomenally well.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

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