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5 Excellent Tiny Freeware Programs Under 1 mb in Size [Freeware]


There’s a ton of software out there for Windows, ranging from sophisticated and amazing programs like Libre Office (if you’re looking for the best office suite out there, and a free program that blows away Microsoft Office, then download this) to really tiny utilities which only do one thing but do it well. So we thought we’d offer up five tiny Windows programs which you may not have heard of, but which provide great functionality.


Billy. This is a gorgeous tiny music player which does what it does brilliantly. Just point it towards a folder full of music and it will automatically treat that as your playlist and play the whole set of tracks. That’s it. No fiddling around with menus, hunting around for playlists, you can be up and listening in 2 seconds. Of course if you want or need things like shuffle play, playlist organization or export to MP3 player, you can do it all, but that’s not what this puppy is really about.


QM. Email is great, but sometimes it can be too much of a chore to get a message sent as quickly as possible. Step up this little freeware email client which lets you send messages at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t need any installation (so you can easily run it from a handy USB flash drive) and it lets you send email with attachments as well. Just make sure you know what your email’s SMTP server settings are and you’re good to go.


TinyTask. What can you say about a 33kb program which provides a full automated task recorder which records everything you do on your computer and plays it back on demand? Great for automating logins to websites, or other repetitive tasks you may do every day. Even better, the program lets you compile your keystrokes to an exe file which can be run on any computer. No installation required.


PINs. Passwords are a necessary part of life, but boy are they a pain. You have to remember them, for a start. And of course at the same time you have to make them complex enough so they can’t be cracked easily. And we can’t write them down. Sigh. So it’s great to have tools like this tiny PINs program, which can store all of our important passwords, as well as create new ones and encrypts it all with 448 Blowfish encoding. Which means it’s tough!


TClock. You can never have too many clocks, timers and stopwatches in your life, know what we mean? Especially if you’re one of those types who gets so engrossed in what you’re doing on the computer that you forget all about time, dates, appointments, wedding anniversaries and the like. This 80kb program offers either a super simple desktop digital clock, or a full blown clock and timer dashboard for maintaining your life in an orderly fashion.


  • As a fan of small, portable apps… love these kinds of articles. I've snatched up both TinyTask and TClock.

    I even recognize the name of the tClock developer – Horst Schaeffer. He's been developing applications since the DOS days and put together a couple of batch enhancers that I used regularly back in the day. Glad to see he's still developing efficient, light-weight programs.

    • Glad you like them John, I'm personally a big fan also. I don't recognize Horst, but I do enjoy the fact that many of the small utility developers are still going after all these years.

  • Big thanks for posting these tiny suggestions.
    I downloaded Billy, the music player. I like it !
    Very fast. Even with more than 3000 songs to manage.
    The sound quality is quite good.
    And a nice thing I found out : When you go back to the player after shutting it down, it will start at the last song it played. Even better, he also remembers all the songs played. Pretty usefull on shuffle mode.

    • Glad you like it Pierre, I use Billy all the time. It takes me a second to fire it up from the Taskbar and as you say it just continues where it left off. Brilliant. :)

  • Try TyperTask – done by the same guys as TinyTask … great text expander with variables inclusion – can emulate all keyboard keys, shortcuts, etc …

    • Nice, thanks for the heads up. :)

  • np … I am in love with "small" software too … so it's nice seeing others with the same "passion" :)

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