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general December 28, 2001 posted by

Well I really liked the Lord of the Rings. It was majestic and obviously done with a lot of feeling. Hope that the sequels are as good.

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general December 27, 2001 posted by

If you don’t use Trillian yet, you should do. It’s a very neat IM – i.e. messaging – product which lets you talk to AOL, MSN, ICQ and even IRC buddies – all from the one interface. The new version fixes a few problems, and updates the look. It’s nice and it’s free.

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general December 24, 2001 posted by

Webcam deluxe

I came across this neat little Webcam proggie the other day and I like it. It contains the server software as well as the cam stuff in one package, which makes it a cinch to get up and running without having to hunt around for an online server. I like things which are self contained, which is why I like this Blog software that I’m using. Neat indeed. Thanks Mike

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