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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets January 18, 2005 posted by

Sheer can.

The Sheer Kitchen (warning – very Flash). Italian, stylish and perhaps not so practical?  The Sheer Kitchen is a revolutionary monobloc/compact unit: a circular penninsular made up of two half spheres (148cm in diameter) which can be opened and closed, creating a double configuration. Fully equipped, when open, it ensures an efficient cooking performance. When closed, it’s transformed into a refined furnishing element – almost a sculpture.

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Gadgets January 17, 2005 posted by

Watch with mother.

The wireless BlueWatch Kit. With night vision. £159.99. This is exactly the kind of all-in-one, simple to understand and aggressively priced home CCTV kit that is just about to swamp the world with security cameras. Coming to an Orwellian driveway near you real soon now!  The Wireless BlueWatch Kit incorporates a colour video camera (with infra red night vision!), a highly sensitive microphone, and a wireless portable receiver with a 2.5″ TFT Screen! And at a superb low price. BlueWatch’s camera wirelessly transmits crisp…

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Gadgets January 14, 2005 posted by

The joy of flight.

The Saitek X52 Flight Control System. Around $129.95. Not so much a joystick, more a way of life. And look ma, pretty LCD screens an’ buttons an’ sliders an’ all kinds of whizzo things. Review here.  * Advanced programming provided by Saitek Smart Technology (SST) software * Enhanced gameplay through intuitive Multi-Function display (MFD) * Illuminated buttons and MFD – ideal for low light environments * Rubber grips and ergonomic design for increased comfort and fatigue-free gaming * Part metal…

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Gadgets January 14, 2005 posted by

Treat & Train.

The Treat & Train professional obedience system. $169.95. Perfect for obstinate partners too? “Fancy doing the washing up dear?”“No!” *ding* *rattle*. “Now that’s better, isn’t it? Good boy!”   Fill Treat & Train with your dog’s regular, healthy dry kibble. Instruct your dog with a consistent voice command such as “sit,” “stay” or “place.” The instant your dog performs the behavior, hit the reward button on the Treat & Train remote control. A tone sounds to tell your dog right…

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Gadgets January 14, 2005 posted by


The Motion Activated Soap Dispenser. £19.99. Turn your bathroom into an airport restroom in one easy move. Delicious!  No matter how dirty the hands, they never touch the soap dispenser as the infra red motion detectors ensure the soap is dispensed before you (or your mates) have a chance to look for a lever to pull or a button to press. Designed to be used for liquid soaps, shampoos etc only…mounts easily on walls using either screws or sticky pads (both…

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Gadgets January 14, 2005 posted by

Travel SAD, arrive happy.

The Travel SAD Lite. £59.95. Don’t worry, be happy!  Just 6″ high, this portable Lite Pad uses bright 5,000-lux LEDs to simulate natural sunlight, and has the additional feature of 6 programmable soothing sounds…You can enjoy the relaxing sounds of wind, birds, sea, frog song, riverside or forest along with the benefits of simulated sunlight, a guaranteed route to improved physical and mental wellbeing during the dark, short winter days

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Gadgets January 13, 2005 posted by

Sporty spice.

The FRWD Sports Performance Recorder. From €499.00. Apparently if you really really have to find out, then this is the thing to use. Me? I’d rather not know.  THE MOST ADVANCED SPORT ANALYSIS TOOL EVER DESIGNEDFRWD Sport Performance Recorder records every moment and detail of an outdoor sport experience; SPEED, DISTANCE, 3D ROUTE, HEART RATE and TIME is stored every second during a performance – even the excitement is measured. After the activity, the recorded data is replayed, analyzed and…

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Gadgets January 13, 2005 posted by


The Celluon CL800 Laserkey. ‘The world first Bluetooth interfaced projection keyboard’ (it says here).  Bluetooth Interface…Projects a keyboard on any flat surface…portable and fast – a perfect solution for PDAs, cell phones, smart phones, web-pads and tablet PC…Saves space for desktop PC users…

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Gadgets January 13, 2005 posted by

Rain man.

The Oregon Scientific wireless Rain Gauge & Self Emptying Cup. $49.95. So much technology, eh? Sheesh! Here we stick a milk bottle outside the back door and if it’s full in 10 minutes we know it’s raining. Not self emptying of course.  Rain gauge module measures and displays daily rainfall accumulation and 9-day historical record…Wireless rain cup automatically empties (included)…Reset feature monitors total rainfall over any time period since last reset

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Gadgets January 13, 2005 posted by


The Gyration Media Center Remote and Keyboard. $179.95. Wave this kit in the air and control your Media Center PC from 100 foot away through walls and stuff. I wonder whether it’s like wireless networking, where you need cardboard thin walls to get the full range? Probably.    Gyration’s high-power radio gives you the ability to relocate your Media Center PC virtually anywhere in the house. Network your TVs and control the PC from anywhere. And since it’s RF, the Media Center…

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Gadgets January 12, 2005 posted by

Eye-per active.

The Eyecare Massager. £14.90. <rasp>I am your father, Luke!</rasp>   Lightens dark circles beneath eyes. Helps reduce eye puffiness & little wrinkles. Reduces fatigues, improves concentration & maintains alertness.

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Gadgets January 12, 2005 posted by

The clu.clu.clu..clock?

The Animal Alarm Clock. £12.99 ($21.43). What PETA way to get up in the morning, eh?  These rather silly retro styled clocks are the ideal antidote to dull alarms. No bells, beeps or whistles, just the curious bleats and what-have-you of your choice of dawn chorus it has to be healthy to wake up laughing.

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Gadgets January 12, 2005 posted by

Hot chat.

The Talking Forehead Thermometer. $29.95. For some reason this particular product title tickles the Ferret’s strange and rather banal funny bone.   Our talking forehead thermometer announces its results aloud in a clear voice in just two seconds, for quick and easy readings even when monitoring a restless child. Accurate to within .04º F, the talking thermometer obtains a temperature from a child’s or adult’s forehead and shows temperature, time, date, and day on its large LCD. It can also store up to…

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cool tech January 11, 2005 posted by

Hands free and fancy.

The new Culmann Variocom VC4 (Deutsch) hands-free car phone unit is a real modular marvel. The feature set includes plug-in voice recognition, Bluetooth and GPS audio navigation cards and a neato PDA/laptop socket to let you use the phone as a modem for your snazzy handheld. The Bluetooth is so your passengers can also use the hands free features of the unit without inserting their handset. I think.

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Gadgets January 11, 2005 posted by


The Max Foot Massager. Fancy the idea of a 36 rpm tootsie tweak? Then stick ‘em in this. $250.00.  Like the hands of a massage therapist, our maximum-performance massager conforms perfectly to every contour, arch and angle of your feet, delivering an amazingly complete therapeutic massage…MAX gently kneads the arches, heels, and balls of your feet, working away soreness, tension and fatigue. 22 rollers and unique massage nodes conform perfectly to the shape of your foot or calf…Massager runs on…

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