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So, how weird is THAT?

Bizarre February 2, 2005 posted by

Passing the buck, dear?

Look, there are some things that the Ferret simply has to draw the line at. And one of them involves standing around singing along with your favourite plastic deer head. Sorry, but that’s it. No arguments. [Time to take a short rest, perhaps? – Ed] $159.98.  Life-Size 10 Point Buck Sings, Dances, And Moves To The Beat. Let Buck be the life of the party as he moves and grooves to the music. Mount him on the wall and let…

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Bizarre February 1, 2005 posted by

Counter Intuit-ive.

Cory over at BoingBoing points out that the folks at Intuit, makers of Quicken, have decided they can ‘retire’ software (by crippling functionality) whenever they want, in order to force people to upgrade to new versions. This is bad. Quicken products should be boycotted immediately. Pass it on.  As of April 19th, 2005, in accordance with the Quicken sunset policy, Online Services1 and Live Technical Support2 will no longer be available for Quicken 2001 and 2002 users. These services include online bill…

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Bizarre January 28, 2005 posted by

Shoehorn tech.

The Personal Stereo Center. If unrelated features were a virus, this puppy would have a very bad rash indeed. Alarm clock which accepts MP3 music/audio input from any plug-in USB drive, iPod etc. Flashing Night light function Digital timer Digicam card reader Stereo system with inbuilt speakers and amplifier Disco effect flashing clock face pulses in time with the music…

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Bizarre January 28, 2005 posted by

Strange but true.

The Strangerhood. A soap opera set and performed within the Sims 2 computer game? Too weird.  The Strangerhood began in the summer of 2004 when Burnie Burns and the rest of the Rooster Teeth Productions crew realized that they would not be satisfied until they spent every single free second making some kind of internet cartoon. They scanned the horizon for the latest and greatest new games, and settled on the obvious choice – The Sims 2.

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Bizarre January 26, 2005 posted by

Spherical objects.

Free Spirit Spheres. Er..kind of tree houses with attitude. [Via J-Walk]  It’s a marriage of treehouse and sailboat technology. The wooden spheres are built much like a cedar strip canoe or kayak. The suspension points on the spheres are similar to the chain plate attachments on a sailboat. The stairways are hung from the tree much like a sailboats shrouds hang from the mast.

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Bizarre January 18, 2005 posted by

Flipper tech.

Can someone explain why you would want to buy a Dolphin shaped USB to Ethernet LAN adapter? ‘Cause the Ferret has absolutely no bloomin’ idea. Is it targeted at small girls or what? Scratches head and wanders off muttering…

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Bizarre January 13, 2005 posted by


This roll of loo paper is very very valuable. Why? Werll..apparently it was the one that the Beatles rejected when they were recording at Abbey Road Studios. Or something. Anyway bidding is up to $10,000 right now, and I have the strangest feeling that the reserve is somewhere north of $40–50,000.00 so dig deep. After all, what could those tsunami victims possibly do with this kind of money (or loo paper for that matter)?  This toilet roll has been kept…

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Bizarre January 7, 2005 posted by


Oomphle. Er…  OOMPHLE is a completely NEW kind of entertainment! How does it work? You post a free-form anonymous question about any subject. You may even ask questions not understandable by anyone in the world beside yourself (like should I do this now?). Nobody knows what you are talking about, but you will get an answer nevertheless. After you have posted an acceptable question all you need is to wait for an answer. Does it really work? It works, believe…

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Bizarre December 23, 2004 posted by


The Suite Vollard revolving building. Apparently this set of apartments in Brazil is the world’s only rotating building. Sounds a bit weird to this Ferret. Who incidentally ate a meal in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Post Office tower before it was bombed into submission.  A system of cogwheels and roller chains effects the rotation. Each apartment has its own independent engine system, which can be engaged with a remote control. A complete clockwise or counterclockwise 360º turn takes one hour…

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Bizarre December 21, 2004 posted by

Trigger talk.

The Toy Gun Telephone. There’s clearly a reason why you’d want to stick a gun to your head to make a phone call, but forgive us ‘cos we can’t think of it right now.  This toy pistol is the coolest phone ever! The tiny telephone built into the grip of the gun has an on/off switch near the trigger and a headset jack. Listen and talk by placing the gun to your head – oh brother!

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Bizarre December 20, 2004 posted by

Aquarium phone.

The Aquarium Phone. $59.00. Just perfect for calls to your crabby relatives over the holidays!  The base of the phone is filled with water, green “seaweed” and fish! When you lift up the handset, blue light illuminates the touchtone dial panel.

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Bizarre December 17, 2004 posted by

Blaster master.

The Mini Marshmallow Blaster. With optional laser sight. Huh? From $9.98.  It is a simple to use rubber band powered Mini Marshmallow shooter. Safe, Edible and Biodegradable Ammunition! The “Mini Marshmallow Blaster ShootGun” shoots up to 5 mini marshmallows at a time, to make a shotgun pattern. A lot of fun and great way for children and adults to pass some time and stir up a little excitement around the home or office.

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Bizarre December 14, 2004 posted by

Put n’ Reel.

The Never Lose Another Golf Ball Putter. $49.95. Er….?  Repeat. Er….?  Our regulation putter has been equipped with a fishing reel, so you’ll never scramble after practice putts again—simply wind in the ball after each shot. The putter is an authentic 32” metal club with rubber grip; the reel is a quality spincast model (commonly used for catching bass, trout, and panfish), that holds up to 10-lb. test line. Fishing line runs through guides down the club shaft and is…

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Bizarre December 14, 2004 posted by

Gotta run…

The Jet Powered Outhouse. Well when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta…[OK, thanks – Ed]  Some folks like to take their time on the can. Not Paul Stender. When the 43-year-old former pit mechanic feels the need for speed, he straps himself into his jet-engine-equipped toilet and roars off, trailing flame…Powered by a 50-year-old, 750-pound Boeing jet turbine that Stender bought for $5,000, the “Port-O-Jet” can top 46 mph with a tailwind…Driver sits on the original throne and looks out through…

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Bizarre December 13, 2004 posted by

Lucky shirt.

Meet Women with This Lucky Shirt. Huh? The current bid for this delectable item is $278.06. Complete with money back guarantee!  I have owned this shirt for about 10 years and whenever I wear it I attract women everywhere I go. I estimate that I have picked up or have been picked up by 500-550 women when wearing this shirt. I am just an average looking guy, I’m not rich, and I’m actually on the shy side so I typically…

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