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Alpha Shield Firewall


The Alpha Shield Firewall. Home firewalls get all hard ware on us. A one minute setup will prevent nasty stuff attacking your innocent computer. It also uses ‘stealth’ technology to remove $99.99 from your wallet.

 It is a stand-alone external hardware device that utilizes cutting edge technology to stop hackers and network attacks before they can access your computer. AlphaShield Home Edition monitors all inbound and outbound data transmissions between your computer and the outside world. It does all this seamlessly, while maintaining your Internet connection.


  • DigitalReviews.net published a full review on this some time ago.
    I’ve been using it for about a year now. It’s true what they say about being invisible to other computers. Doesn’t work on dial-up though.

  • Hmm…don’t know that dial up is an issue for a firewall is it? It’s a broadband world now. Heh!

  • I've had one for about three years now. It just sits quietly in my basement tirelessly scanning packets and occasionally kills the connection when some goober tries scanning the ports on my router. 100% foolproof protection that separates my computers from the internet the millisecond an attack is launched. They are truly UNHACKABLE! I'm considering getting two more and putting them up as replacements for the day mine burns out or is hit by lightning. Everyone should have one they are definitely worth the money. To date it is the only firewall product that disconnects the network during an intrusion event. They are still available from the Alpha's website, Best Buy and Target, I bought mine from Radio Shack when they went clearance for $20. It was a shame because no one really knew why they were better than software firewalls in routers and we sold few of them because of this.

    • I have been using the Alpha Shield for over 6 years now, it's the only piece of hardware firewall I use. I do not use any AV software, never had to. I run two laptops wireless and two desk tops and never an inkling that any virus has ever entered. It's bulletproof, hook it up and never worry again. I tested it once, I hooked up an old desk top pc and disconnected all my other computers and plugged into the wall outlet direct. With in 10 minutes my test pc started to slow down, tried booting up and it took 8 minutes to log into the internet. Finally found an online AV site to scan the test pc and resulted in 7 trojans, a lot of other virus hits and weird things that crippled up the test pc. Once cleaned up with the online AV program, I shut it down unplugged the test pc, hooked up my Alpha Shield to the wall and my router into the Alpha Shield and back to work. No other AV programs used, and just the Alpha Shield doing its job. It's the best computer techno item for Internet Security and I even paid $120 Cdn. for it and over 6 years saved a lot of money not buying software and downloading patches and updates. Mechanical with no software, the only way to surf the net. THIS REALLY WORKS ! DO IT NOW, SAVE HEAD ACHES & MONEY.

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