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Ampedbike E-Bike Conversion Kit – turn your old bone shaker into an electric bike powerhouse


The AmpedBike E-Bike Conversion Kit comes with a front (or rear) wheel with integrated brushless electric motor, a smart charger, thumb throttle and speed controller and some clever brake cutoffs (which cuts power to the motor when you brake). Suddenly you can cycle further, feel stronger and generally do good all over your neighbourhood and beyond. $360.00, but don’t forget you’ll need some batteries too (from $78.00).

 Our electric instant start pedal assist e-bike kits can be installed on just about any bicycle by replacing the front or rear wheel with our 26″ brushless 36V 500W Brushless (zero maintenance) electric hub. Ampedbike kits can be retrofitted to just about any bicycle type: road, Recumbent, tandem, folding, mountain, cruisers and comfort bikes in about 20 minutes. With our e-bike conversion kits you can pull that bike out of the garage, dust it off and in about 20 minutes be riding fatigue free! We sell only Brushless E-Bike motor kits. Brushed motors are very inefficient and wear down your batteries quick!


  • So these kits come in at about half the cost of one of those Schwinn (integrated) Electric Bikes (after the costs of a decent bike and the batteries). Anyone know how the two compare as far as performance, reliability, usability (recharging, replacement, et) and lifespan (particularly the charge-cycles).

  • I own 3 kits. My wife and son ride them daily. Couldnt be happier with the level of support and quality of the products.

  • I have had one for about 2 years now and hitting the 2800 mile mark with no problems. Danny was a great help had me up and running quickly. THX DAN!

  • I received my kit about 3 days ago, and after a couple of different battery box designs, and some rear rack fabrication, I have a great working product now. I can help pedal going up hills, but it will do the hills without help, just slower, and on the flats, I feel like I am approaching 20 miles an hour. I weigh 280, and I have a double battery bank, so I can always have a fresh battery in reserve, so there is a lot of weight. My biggest problem is that the final way I have the batteries, the center of gravity is fairly high, and the kickstand doesn't want to keep the bike from tipping over. If I lengthen the kickstand, or just lean the bike against something, problem solved. I may also try to figure out how to mount the batteries lower to the ground, beside the rear wheel. My kit is a 500 watt unit in a 26 inch rim, and I have it installed in a Trek mountain bike, no suspension. If the bike doesn't work out, I will find a good old beach cruiser type, and install it on that. So far so good though, with the mountain bike, and I am hoping to commute to work with it, which is a 10 or 11 mile ride. I will have to allow more time to get to work in the morning, but I am looking at it as a refreshing way to start the day. I don't have a motorcycle now, but I have had in the past, and I figure this to give me some of the same pleasure as motorcycling, but even more eco-friendly, which I am not really a freak about, but you have to admit that doing something gives a good feeling. If the price of gas goes back up, there will be a payoff, which won't take too long to offset the cost of the kit.

  • I cannot say enough about ampedbikes… I have health issues that keep me from making it up hills on a normal bike. I am now out getting exercise and sunshine.

    Danny Ray from Amped personally helped me with a few minor questions I had on installation and its been a dream ever since.

  • will this work with chainless bikes ?

  • Do not waste your time looking at other ebike kits. Here you have a man who had ugraded and upgraded until he has the best kit which is customized to his strict requirements. Also he is not greedy. He enjoys being top of the heap and does so by giving the best at the lowest price. Service is done by Danny personally.
    Don Jones
    Scottsdale, AZ

  • Amp'd Bikes no longer offers this kit. has this motor in it's kit, at a lower price with much better components and add-ons included. They also have a Lithium battery option that is amazing at only 11 pounds. If you like the Amp'd bike kit you'll love the E-BikeKit from!

    • Oh Puleeze Janice. AmpedBikes offers THE BEST kits out there. I would question anyone or any company that feels it necessary to come in after a write up of another and sell their own. Janice sounds like a salesperson to me….

    • Says the person who's commenter URL is AmpedBikes' website. :-)

    • Well at least I am honest. I don't post anonymously to sell my product lol! :-)

  • There are two very significant advantages to buying from Danny at First, he has already tested and proven the equipment he sells. You don't have to worry about being the guinea pig. Second, he will help you with your build. He is a remarkedly patient guy considering the stupid questions I asked him. He knows what he is doing and can help you. This guy will be the pre-eminent e-bike vendor for the coming years.

  • Found on Fed Avation site. battery explodes on plane. People do odd things to make a quick buck

    Be careful, do your research on all products

  • Hi.. This is Christopher Ray with AmpedBikes . First we would like to thank each and every one of our customers and supporters.

    Contact us and Mention and receive $75!! off of any "Complete" kit

    Second.. This last year has been good to us and has allowed us to completely redesign our kits from the ground up. We have designed and patented our new Direct Drive motors with the ability to simply swap over your disk brake on your existing bike.

    We continue to put 100% of profits back into the company. Developing new products

    We have created our new mini powerhouse geared motor that is almost 100% stealth.

    Come visit us and see our new wireless system! !

    If you have disabled friends, friends overseas in the military or Schools working on projects please have them contact us for free kits.

    Thanks again.

    Christopher Ray

  • I would like to buy a chainless bike, will this kit work?

  • christopher, is that $75.00 off for saying red ferret still good on a complete kit?

  • Running the amped gear motor at 60v. Been a year now, I average 38 mph and about a 30 mile range

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