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AXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock – the fancy Austrian answer to a noisy cockerel


The AXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock is Sweden’s Austria’s answer to a grenade launcher being fired outside your bedroom door in the morning. The idea is to use your natural waking pattern to help you arise more refreshed and alert, rather than startle you half to death in order to roust your derriere out of the sheets. €179.00.

 How does aXbo, the first sleep phase alarm clock of the world, work? aXbo registers your individual optimal wake up time via your body movements and wakes you up in the last 30 minutes before your set waking time. Your movements are detected and gathered with a comfortable toweling wristband and transferred to the sleep phase alarm clock.


  • Austrian, not Swedish, Mein Gott !!

    • Yes, Austrian

  • Quick Summary: Own one, waste of money.

    Details: I'm someone who has a lot of difficulty waking up – too groggy to think coherently, and I invariably convince myself it's alright to sleep in even longer.

    So I was willing to spend the large asking price on a to-good-to-be-true solution. And frankly, this was too-good-to-be-true. The darn thing's never gone off in response to my "waking pattern" – only at the time I set. In other words, no better then a regular alarm clock.

    • I will beg to disagree. I think it's absolutely subjective if it works for you or not.

      I plunked down the money for this gadget and have been pleasantly surprised. I'm a very heavy sleeper, but this device has been able to find my lightest sleep level fairly well. This requires a good 7 hours of sleep, however, and I've not recently been getting it.

      I wish they would offer a trial period for people, however, as that would really allow those for whom it would work a chance to try it.

  • I owned it for several months and it works great. I can wake up very very easy. Tho i must say – waking up alone does not mean u will feel refreshed – u need to sleep well too:) Obvious, but many ppl think that with this clock, they can go to bed later and wake up earlier. No, u need good sleep.

    It is very expensive, but then again – for the rest of your life u will wake up easily, and for that, the price is ok.

    Downsides – since there is no magic, it just uses accelometer to detect movement, it can wake u up just bcoz a cat jumped in the bed :)
    Also u can't use it for two if those two must wake up within half an hour. Bcoz when the alarm goes off, both wake up. But if the other can sleep at least half an hour longer, then its ok.

    Overall verdict – 4/5. Minus 1 point bcoz for that price i would want it to have more advanced features, like weekly alarm schedule, so i don't have to set it every day (i need to get up at different times during the week/weekend).

  • Here's a review done some time ago: seems pretty detailed too :
    I looked at one but price was an issue and now i read on that site as well that they will be reviewing an axbo for singles. Hope the price is a lot better too!

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