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Binverse – has Usenet becomes the new (old) file sharing paradise?

In turbo mode – aka Quantum Leap – it’s coming down the pipe at some *ridiculously* fast speed which will max out your ISP connection. And once the bits are down, it’s a matter of moments for the software to gather the parts, uncompress and combine them, repair where necessary and stick them in the destination folder ready for action. It’s totally a thing of beauty to behold if you’ve ever had to struggle in the past.

Of course there are problems, in that the volatility of Usenet posts means that finding the file you want can be a lot harder than with BitTorrent -parts can be missing, whole files washed away from the server as their retention lapses and so on. This can be problematic, to say the least. It’s not quite as simple as BitTorrent for these reasons, and because there are few comments included with the files, finding the file you want can seem a little hit or miss until you get used to the system.

Nevertheless the general experience of using the modern Usenet is rather like finding an old dusty car and discovering it has GPS and self-parking technology installed in the walnut dash. Spooky. I’ve concentrated on file download here, because to be honest, that’s the focus of the software as far as I can see. Access to newsgroup search in Binverse appears to be strictly limited to a framed view of Google Groups, which is not the greatest experience for reading long threaded conversations. The Binverse software is probably not a sensible destination if you’re into serious chatting.


So overall? Well, for a file distribution mechanism, there’s no comparison between the speed and even ease of use of the Binverse software server combo and BitTorrent. It’s like moving out of the age of steam into rocket propulsion in one hit. The trade offs are obvious though. First, you have to pay. Second, someone else owns your account access and third, it offers a single point of failure which BitTorrent has succeeded in mostly removing. I’m not saying that Usenet is not robust, it is, but at the end of the day, there’s a definite risk that comes from relying on a service which has a central sign-on process. What happens if the site gets sued? Or goes bust? Remember Napster?

In the meantime, however, Usenet appears to be a great place to go to distribute your important files and data quickly and cleanly. If history is anything to go by, the MAFIAA lawyers will soon be stomping around in these backyards, making the same mistake they made with Napster, so let’s see how that goes. They have already taken the creators of the NZB Usenet file indexing format to court recently, so that appears to be the first shot on this particular battle front.


In general, despite the awesome high speed downloading advantage and the ease of use, I don’t really see these Usenet services replacing BitTorrent as a file sharing phenomenon any time soon, simply because the process remains too hit and miss in various ways. Files missing, bits missing, strange file encapsulation and the fact that ironically there’s less of a sense of community around Usenet filesharing than with BitTorrent, which makes it more possible you’ll download a virus or malware by mistake.

You don’t have to take our word for it, however, as Binverse offers a free trial option which you can use to test it out. Prices for the full service start at $8.50 a month (if you pay 12 months up front) otherwise it’s $13.99 a month for a monthly plan. I think there’s a special offer for Ferret readers of double the quota of free trial high speed downloads to 10GB, but I’ll have to confirm that. Add your name to the comments if you’re interested.

Bottom Line: if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty, you’re canny about which files you let loose on your PC and you feel the need for speed, then Usenet is probably what you’re looking for and Binverse seems about as good as you’ll get right now.

 You may hear files hosted on the Usenet network referred to as “binaries”. This is just a term to describe any type of file (video, pictures, audio, etc.). Many newsgroups may contain the word binaries in its name as an indication that the newsgroup contains files and not just text messages. For example alt.binaries.vacation-videos would be a newsgroup where members post vacation video files.s

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  • You left out some of the nifty nntp tools, that will ease the process of finding, downloading and unzipping, all in one process, and all with your favorite browser: NZB

    Pair one of the following search engine:

    with NZB software:
    FireFox addon:

    And you've got yourself a super-easy solution with simple web search and a
    powerful download manager that will automatically fix broken files, unzip and much more.

    And lets not forget IRC, where you search millions of files and with small commands get those files posted on nntp, where sabnzbd downloads it automatically when posted..

    Have fun..

    For access to nntp with the least effort, use Everyting unpacked with very powerful global search engine, saved search, rss, zip-manager, picture-viewer and more.

    Have fun

    • I did try SuperNZB and Sabnzbd with and found it all very clunky compared with the Binverse experience. Ordinary folk like me just don't have the time or interest in digging around to find tools to do a job. We just want to press a button and shazam… :)

      And let's not forget the Binverse high speed issue, which is the real deal maker here. :)

    • Well, as i said, if you want it easy, try the have the same speed as Binverse, (25Mb/sec download from usa to norway, adsl maxed out) but with only a web browser, and global search through all newsgroups, with thumbnail viewing of all movies and pics, preview of mp3s, streaming of movies, very efficient zip manager and much more.. It's like being on nntp without any of the drawbacks (no preview, no global search etc…)

    • Yes, but you still have to use a 3rd party tool to re-assemble par files which you've downloaded with EasyNews, which as I said before is probably a step too far for many people when Binverse does it all in one single step. Download – access completed file. Doesn't get easier than that.

    • No, Easynews does that for you, they re-assemble all postings and unzips archives (using par if files are missing) on their servers, giving you one-click download/streaming of every file posted in all groups from a single search engine, even if that file was posted in an archive (rar,zip,etc.)

      No software to download, and no need to wait for unrar/smartpar to unpack huge archives (like 120GB HD movies, split in 100's of rar files.. takes forever to fix/unrar…)

    • Ahh..they need to fix their video tutorial then. It talks about needing to download additional software to assemble the files. Who to believe eh? :)

    • Sorry, can't watch that video from here (Goa, India on a 19KB wifi line)
      But i have been a member of easynews for about 5 years now, and this is the way i use easynews for the moment.

      Searching for Avatar and .mkv gives me 1 good hit, clicking thumbnails gives me 20 small pics of the movie, letting me check the quality of the movie before downloading. Clicking on the movie itselfe, and it starts downloading… (And yes, it came from an archive, as it has the AutoUnRAR tag)

      So i don't really know why the say you need a seperat download, maybe for the folks still using a nntp client..

    • Yeah, well I was only quoting the video. Apparently EasyNews does all the file gathering pre download, but then downloads them all individually into a zip file, after which you need a tool to re-assemble the file bits from inside the zip into a single main file. At least that's what the video says.

      The video recommends you download MacParDeluxe for Macs, and WinRar for Windows to do the assembly.

      Is that not your experience?

    • No, they give you an option of zipping multiple files for you. If you want to download, lets say 100 mp3's, then you zip those mp3s on their server, then download the zip file, then unzip with normal zip prog (i'm using the built-in unziper on my mac)

      For single files, like Avatar, dmg etc. I use DownThemAll plugin to download the file directly.

  • I am glad you wrote this. I have been thinking the same thing as I’ve watched the last few episodes.

  • You do of course have the option of downloading the rar archives instead of the autounrar file, and sometime you need to, if the rar archive contains password…

  • Binverse
    Stay away nothing but problems….

    Got the free 14 day trial Cost $1 billed on Paypal. Received login and pass right away. Worked great for 2 days using Newsbin reader , then nothing.

    Status window said Connection refused, Login and Pass rejected?

    6 weeks later I discover $20 had been STOLEN from my paypal account by Binverse using paypal trickery to auto bill for no services. Connection still refused Login and Pasword continues to be rejected. Contacted Binverse they sent same unworking Login and password over and over and over again.

    Customer technical service is dreadful to nonexistant. Recomendation STAY AWAY. Not Recomended.

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