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Biometric Wall Vault.


The Biometric Wall Vault. Fingerprint powered wall safe for guns apparently, so there you go. Bang, bang. $479.00. [Via Coolbuzz]

 The main storage space of the home safe can accommodate approximately two hand guns, while the hidden storage compartment in the back of this in wall safe is the perfect place to ammunition and other small valuables, such as jewelry, passports, and credit cards. This fireproof wall safe is constructed of handsome 14-guage stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. The biometric sensor can store up to 6 different fingerprints scans, so you won’t have to worry about loosing keys for this wall safe. Because of the fingerprint scan, you won’t have to worry about your children getting a hold of anything inside.


  • That’s just what I need for the kitchen -nobody’ll think I’m hiding valueables in the microwave.

  • Instead of verballing telling a house-robber what my combination is to my safe, I’ll just let him chop off my hand to open it up. Great idea!

  • M., you mean you’ll lend him a hand? Arf!

  • Red: ooog.

  • verballing? What the hell is verballing? Do you mean verbally? I hope to god English is not your native tongue, if it is your parents and teachers need to be smacked for not teaching you well.

  • Why is you flamming?

  • testing it out with a 12 gauge shotgun will basically lock it in forever, because if you hit the sensitive biometric scanner, you basically screwed.

  • To protect the owner’s finger, I would suggest to add an additional protection such as digicode keypad…

  • If a robber is in your house with a gun pointed at you, you’ll swipe your finger or give him the keypad access code for your own safety. No valuable is worth your life… or the loss of your precious finger. However, notice this safe is advertised primarily as a “gun safe,” secondary as a safe to store personal items. Gun owners want quick access to their weapon without punching in codes or fumbling for a key, and the biometrics system allows for this.

  • I have this safe installed at my house. Not too long ago someone was attempting to break into my family's home and I was able to have the safe open and my loaded gun in hand in less than 3 seconds. I have a few other safes, but none that I would be able to access in less than 10 minutes and that is way too long when you feel you’re in an emergency situation and your family is vulnerable. And in regards to someone taking a hand off to get into it, I have mine hidden behind a hanging picture on the wall; no one will ever find it.

  • I agree. If you are overpowered before accessing the gun in your safe it pretty much "game over" anyway. I think one of the main advantages of a biometric safe is to be able to access the contents of the safe quickly, without have to hide keys nearby. If you have kids in the house they will find surely find those keys sooner or later…and storing the safe keys in a hard to reach location means not being able to access the safe quickly in an emergency.

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