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C-002 HiPhone – it’s a ground breaking design and innovative interface all right


This C-002 HiPhone mobile phone is a beauty, no? Imagine a 3.5 inch touchscreen, dual SIM slots, tri-band, MP3 player, video recording, Bluetooth and…wait for it…auto-screen rotation. Hold my heart, for it pumps too wild. But I know what you’re asking. Will it fool the girl in accounts next time we’re at lunch? Well, if you say it quick enough – HiPhone – and just bring it out for a flash view (“trying to save battery life, see?”) then you might get away with it. Good luck with your relationship when she finds out later though, dude. $239.00. [Thanks Kevin]


 This is the ultimate rock solid 99% iPhone clone and is selling like crazy. It is unlocked so just plug your SIM card in and you are good to go. Comes with one year warranty…No contracts. No rate plans. Just your existing SIM card is enough. Main features at a glance: 1. 3.5″ big screen that supports finger touch and no keypad, touch pen needed. 2. Dual SIM slots that holds two SIM chips and supports SIM card switching. 3. Triband GSM 900/1800/1900MHz that supports USA GSM standard. 4. Web addresses entering; web browsing, WAP setting, web address management. 5. Unlocked to any major network carrier. 6. SMS, MMS, voicemail and cell broadcast 7. MP3, MP4, file playing, recording, phone call recording.


  • You got one thing wrong.

    A touch pen isn’t needed. It’s just included for people who like to use them.

    There’s a video online of this being used, and the guy is using his fingers.

  • But does it do multi-touch?

  • Yes, it is multi-touch. In the video you can see the guy using two fingers to zoom into a picture.

  • 2 nb: yes it does. check the video here

  • can I use this as a web browser even though I don’t have a sim? Or does it require a sim (and a service with the sim) to connect to the internet…

  • Yeah, I have a cell (i assume I can get my SIM out of it) but my plan is a bitch for internet, but wifi is all over campus, so my question is:

    Does this thing support wifi?

  • No wifi

    Dont waste ur money on this tat.

  • this phone is not on the market yet… it will be available after chinese new year… the official name of the phone has not been decided yet, hiphone sounds pretty corny though… chinagrabber will have this phone for sale in several weeks here;

  • Actually, i found a D800i HiPhone at a lower price here: … it says free shipping too..

  • This phone is out in the UK and I have one, I bought it from a week ago and this phone rocks!!

  • Rightnow i m using o2 mini..So like to try this

    but Still need to wait and see…Hope to have this in India

  • I would just get the iphone if you want an iphone. I never understand the clones…

  • You know this phone is a very good buy even if it isnt a perfect phone…neither is the iPhone (in fact its pretty 2nd rate). Has some features better than iPhone but also lacks in some areas (wiFi,UI not as smooth…big deal) [btw I have an unlocked iPhone]

    But one thing that I like about iPhone is that there is a multitude of software support and development. More and more “homebrew” applications come out each day which make the iphone more appealing…This phone…i cant imagine much software development happening = what you see is what you get…doesnt get any better

    If I was looking for a sick looking phone though and didnt care about software, this phone is the bomb…buy it

    My 2 cents

  • available in india for approx Rs 5000 ($130)

  • Hey Karan!
    Is there any on line store in India, that sales this amazing phone? $130 sounds really good to me! Wish I could buy it! Thanks a million!

  • It is a dream phone. It is not out yet. Don’t Be these guys,
    They are all over the place claiming to have them in stock. the truth, the manufacturer is still working on it.

    they are just trying to raise capital for goods they don’t have in their warehouse.

    I wish they mark it as place your orders instead of telling u to buy it now. When you ask them for shipping, that’s when they tell you…oh you have to wait 3 weeks.

    Shame on you.

  • the D800i HiPHone is not really a dream phone – it is real… it is chinese new year and the factory rests for 2-3 weeks… that is why there was a delay….

  • Hi,

    This is Simon from Digital Playworld, we do have it and have had it in stock for over 3 weeks now. We were the first to get it in Europe.
    We sold out last week but have more stock on its way right now and will update the site according when stock is physical!

  • do this in the uk pls someone answer

  • Does the dual sim card facilty keep both sim cards on standby?

  • if u want a cheap hiphone go to

  • hey this phone is good… in addition to the capabilities written up there you can also use it as a webcam when you connect it on your computer with the usb. you can also charge it with the usb adaptor just like the original iphone and plus you could have the dualsim option and it is super easy to use… even if it doesn't have the multitouch (the video is wrong, if you slide your finger diagonally upward it will zoom the picture, and if you slide it diagonally downward it will unzoom)…
    this phone is really great if you don't care that this is not a real iPhone

    • oh, and i forgot to say that in the box when you buy it there are headphone speakers, battery charger, and an extra battery for your hiphone

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