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cool tech December 1, 2004 posted by

Home sizzle.

The Two Person Home Sauna. $2999.95. As any discerning Finn will tell you, a home without a sauna is like a reindeer without a red nose [Eh?…Ed].  Unlike most home saunas, this unit fits into small spaces, and can be set up in a few hours without the inconvenience of extensive home remodeling. Made from kiln-dried red cedar and stainless steel hardware, the sauna is large enough to seat two people, and can be set up in a bathroom, bedroom,…

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cool tech December 1, 2004 posted by

Bionic jacket.

Alex Soza’s Bionic Jacket is clever. Very clever. And it only needs a teeny tiny 6V battery. [Via Regine’s WMMNA]  The Smart Jacket reacts at low temperatures by raising the material up to two centimetres and thereby creating a thermo effect that increases the internal jacket temperature. In contrast at high temperatures, the material shrinks all the way down to two millimetres to allow body heat to escape.. The jacket contains a micro computer that monitors the temp. Inside the jacket…

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cool tech November 29, 2004 posted by

Telly tubby.

The Inveteratus Watch. There’s something superbly delicious about creating a concept timepiece that measures the passing of the hours by cycling through television listings. It’s so…well…perfectly 21st century, doncha think? [Via wristfashion]  Inveteratus is a watch that references a more culturally appropriate timescale than the movement of the sun: the television schedule. Today many of us structure our own time around the television, rather than the sun. Inveteratus scrolls through a television listing over the course of a day. In…

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