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heh heh! May 15, 2007 posted by

Jackie – the mullet’s mullet wig

The Jackie Mullet Wig. We stumbled across this beauty in a recent search for a suitable hairpiece to cover our balding shiny pate and fell in love instantly. For who could resist a synthetic material, 2.9 ounce, capless construction stunner like this and still be called as human? And to name it Jackie too? Genius. $85.19.  Handsome men’s wig with an extended nape for a slight mullet look and capless construction for a light, breathable feel. Tags: jackie+wig, mullet, hairpiece

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heh heh! April 1, 2007 posted by

Google TiSP -Google does broadband

Google TiSP. The free in-home wireless broadband service. Have a nice day! :-)  To offset the cost of providing the TiSP service, we use information gathered by discreet DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status and likelihood of developing particular medical conditions going forward. Google also offers premium levels of service for a monthly fee Tags: google, broadband

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Gadgets March 27, 2007 posted by

Laughing Pen – chuckle chuckle, guffaw guffaw

The Laughing Pen. This ingenious invention, with its 20 second laugh track, is guaranteed to amuse that surly bookmaker as you sign your wife and children away in lieu of the debt you incurred last Friday. $20.00.  This pen is your own personal laugh track, guaranteeing that everything you write will be wildly amusing. It looks and writes like a normal pen, but when you push the button on the side, it emits a 20-second belly laugh sure to elicit chuckles from anyone…

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but is it art? March 8, 2007 posted by

For Sale: Pink Panther Mobile – the ultimate pink ride

Dude, they’re auctioning the Original Pink Panther Car on eBay. No really. The one that was driven into the studio at the start of the cartoon show every week. And did we mention it’s got a 7 litre, 500 hp engine under the hood (wherever that is)? Da-dum, da-dum, dadum dadum dadum…Current bid is £10,100 and the reserve has not been met yet, so get bidding. Go on!  Now is your chance to actually own the outrageously Pink car that…

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heh heh! January 9, 2007 posted by

Bubbleprice – just how much is your Web 2.0 startup idea worth?

Bubbleprice. The Online Venture Capital Valuation calculator. Just what is the net worth of your brilliant Ajax-driven, Adsense funded, collaborative social networking start up idea then? In round figures? Excellentr!   How much investment capital will my next web product be eligible for? Is a question I’m sure most of us entrepreneurs think about maybe thousands of times a day. Think no more! Now you can do all your valuations online using this simple form.

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heh heh! January 1, 2007 posted by

RIAA Toilet Paper – season’s greetings to the music biz

RIAA Toilet Paper. A wonderful way to remember our granny hassling friends in the music industry. At a novelty price of $5.95 a roll.  Ok, so, we are STILL laughing every time we see this product on our shelves…LMAO! Nothing compares with the way it feels when that text slides across your butt. Sorry for the high price, but you’re buying it for the novelty. When it comes to functionality, stick to Charmin.

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Bookmark This! October 19, 2006 posted by

Fabulous VC Comic Strip

The VC. I was leafing through my old archives the other day and stumbled across this fabulous gem of a comic strip which ran during the last Internet Bubble, and portrayed the eternal struggle between entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Hmm…maybe it’s time for the creators to start cleaning their pens again?  I recommend anyone thinking of jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon to read the whole series of these strips, from 1 to 41. You’ll learn a lot!

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heh heh! October 2, 2006 posted by

Jail bait

Countdown. Er…DO NOT…whatever you do, load this onto your laptop as an autoplay just before you leave for the airport to catch your flight. You have been warned!!

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heh heh! July 6, 2006 posted by

How to win something in a claw machine.

How to win something in an arcade claw machine. At last, a guide which helps you get back on top in the vicious war against recalcitrant arcade machines. Go claw, go. [via Get Rich Slowly]  Three Pronged Claws: This type of claw usually handles small stuffed animals and small collectable basketballs. This type of claw is somewhat similar to the four pronged claw, but instead of having two of the prongs positioned above the arms, you have a choice of…

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