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Celery. Email without the crunch.


Celery. Email without a computer. This is either genius or insane and I have no idea which. From the site blurb it appears to be a colour fax machine service which is being marketed to senior citizens as a way of keeping up with family without having to install a computer. That’s the beauty of it. As Neil Grabowsky of the company emails me to say – ‘You and I don’t need Celery – our parents and grandparents do.’ And he has a point.

To use it, you send an email from your computer to, say, [email protected] and it’s faxed through to their phone and machine directly. And this can include colour photos of the kids, of course. If they want to send an ‘email’, they hand write it and stick it in the machine and press two buttons to send. I tell ya, either genius or insane. Service costs $259 a year including machine, thereafter $139 a year for 900 pages a year. Toll free adds $25 a year. Fascinating idea, guys.

 Celery is a simple device that allows people to be included in email — and to communicate electronically — without actually having to email or operate a computer themselves. It is for the group of people who do not use email, and therefore miss out on a popular and efficient way to communicate. Simply put, Celery bridges the gap between old, or traditional, forms of communication, and new. It is a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to email for those who lack the desire, resources, or ability to own and use their own computer. It is extremely easy to use.


  • Why don’t you post via links for posts you find on other websites? It’s common courtesy especially when you’re taking quotes such as you always do.

  • Er Fred, not really understanding you here. ? I was sent an email by Neil from the Celery company who asked me to feature his product site. Therefore I did feature his site – er it’s the main Celery link.

    Is that what you mean? The quotes I use (in italics) are always from the company site I’m featuring, i.e. the main link.

    When I come across a product from another website/blog I always try and feature the credit where it’s due. Does that make sense?

  • Great idea until the scum-of-the-earth spammers make it useless.

  • Spam sent to users is blocked using a challenge-response spam filter, linked to the user�s own address book. When the user receives an email from someone he or she doesn�t know, the server sends an email back to the sender asking them to verify that they�re not a spam-bot. This keeps everything as simple as possible for the Celery user while blocking unwanted spam. The only special thing he or she need do is make sure to add any mailing lists they join to the address book.

  • Ahh…. That should work.

    Spammers (and telemarketers) ARE scum though, but if it didn’t work they’d go away so who’s really to blame? Stupid people… It should be a crime to purchase anything from a spammer or telemarketer. People who respond to spammers and telemarketers should be PUBLICLY RIDICULED and made sterile.

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