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Chevy Volt revealed – OK, so what bright spark…?


OK, so they’ve finally revealed the Chevy Volt electric hybrid car, which is scheduled for delivery to a salivating public sometime in 2011. At a $40,000 price point. I just have a few points to make here:

  • A lot could happen in 3 years. Perhaps even a massive recession or a runaway inflationary boom induced by desperate global governments. Or something.
  • Three years is a long time in Japanese development terms. Toyota is not sitting still.
  • What on earth makes GM think they can get away with trying to maintain the big, old, heavy, flying couch motif and still deliver best of breed eco competitive frugality as oil prices increase?
  • This is a dinosaur waiting to die. By the time it hits the streets it will be up against a new breed of lightweight, low priced, super economical imports with style and features galore.

I could be wrong, and it’s obviously only my opinion, but this thing looks too wrong, too conventional, too uncompromising to even begin to compete against the type of vehicle we’re likely to see on the streets in three years time. Good luck GM, I hope it works out for ya. (By the way, I love the tech ideas you’re using. A lot.)

 Aerodynamic improvements enabled GM to reach the Volt’s target of driving up to 40 miles (based on EPA city cycle) without using gasoline or producing emissions. Inside, the Volt offers the space, comfort, convenience and safety features that customers expect in a four-passenger sedan, and it delivers them in a variety of interior color, lighting and trim options unlike any offered before on a Chevrolet sedan. Modern controls and attractive materials, two informational displays, and a touch-sensitive infotainment center with integrated shifter distinguish the Volt’s interior from other vehicles in the market.


  • Yup, too little, far too late. GM is kinda like NASA: bloated, overpriced, self-congratulatory, and bordering on downright irrelevant.

    There’s going to have to be lots more effort from GM to overcome it’s old marketing ploys of “Bigger & faster is better. Small cars are for the destitute or Commies.” That strategy made sure they profited handsomely for decades, but the Neanderthal attitudes aren’t going to cut it any more.

  • It’s really strange how such a large and ‘accomplished’ company can miss the point so massively. I suppose big just means dumb when it comes to corporations…

  • Has GM forgotten the Edsel?

  • the Prius is already on the road for $16,000.00 less

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