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Cool Dry Hijab – stay cool and dry with this scarf

Cool Dry Hijab in use

We’ve covered business shirts made with technology to keep its wearer cool and dry. We’ve seen athletic gear that will keep you warm in the coldest weather. Now one developer has taken this technology and applied it to the hijab. The Cool Dry Hijab by Veil is the first ever climate adapting hijab.

Cool Dry was designed to be worn in a variety of conditions. It has cooling technology that helps reflect sunlight which in turn keeps the fabric and the woman inside of it much cooler. That being said, this is clearly for summer wear. It is also waterproof. The outside of the scarf is water repellent so you can stay dry at all times.

Cool Dry Hijab

Each scarf is laser cut giving it a nice clean edge and cuts down on the chafing that can happen with traditionally sewn hijabs. This scarf was designed for comfort. It currently comes in three colors, white, black, and silver lake blue. It measures 63”x24”. The Cool Dry Hijab costs $19.


  • Let’s celebrate that the subjugation and repression of women can be more comfortable?

    Chains are chains.

    Break the chains.

    • How is you telling someone they shouldn’t wear a hijab any different than their religion telling them they should? Everyone should be given the right to choose for themselves.

    • The Jesuits said: “Give us the child, and we will give you the man”.

      They knew the power of indoctrination. Lessons taught to children when the brain is forming can never be untaught. Perhaps overcome, but that foundation will always be a part of that person.

      So teaching little girls that it is normal to be subservient to men is an evil, one that will affect the entire span of their lives, and propagated by a religion, more than one religion, that should not be pandered to in this century.

      When women are indoctrinated at an early age, they will never have an honest ability to ‘choose for themselves’

    • Agreed. Yet when the grown child of a Klan member honestly believes that black people are inferior, are we to stand back and say that they have the right to choose for themselves what to believe?

      WE know the power of indoctrination. WE now know it is the same mental pathways that have baby ducklings obey the quack of their mother. Children have no mental option but to believe absolutely every bit of training provided in their early years. It is how we have evolved. It kept our ancestors from being eaten by Hyenas when they believed every bit of information received and responded instantly to their parent’s command…

      If an individual chooses for them self to wear a black bag with a slit for their eyes, or a rainbow-colored sash that barely covers them, I support that individual choice – if that choice is made from a true place of consideration and individual thought.

      When it is made as a function of indoctrination? I would equally question either!

    • Ok so, I take it you will never partake in marriage of any kind in the western world because that began as subjugation and buying women – the whole entire institution was sexist and all about repression.

      Here’s an idea, listen to the women it effects. Some don’t want it and should be free from being forced to wear it. Some want to keep it/define it/find it part of themselves, their culture and faith and they should be respected.

    • Why do you feel ‘faith’ should be respected?


      ‘People’ should be respected. ‘Individuals’ should be respected. Ideas should be held up to the light of day, and if found wanting, they should be roundly criticized.

      There are no chains but the chains we forge for ourselves…

    • I appreciate your stance that women should be free to make decisions and should have the choice to do with their bodies what they want. This is true. Many women cover with veils, wraps, and hair coverings because they choose to do so not because they have been forced. Wearing a covering is not only a feminist statement for some but it is also practical. A woman who chooses to wear a wrap as a feminist statement is changing the focus from external to internal characteristics. A woman cannot be judged by the quality of her hair if no one can see her hair. A wrap is practical as well. Exposed skin burns in the sun and curly hair frizzes in humidity. The option to wrap is just that, an option for many women.

    • …and I am totally with you on that. What I intensely dislike is the indoctrination of children, whether that be the female children of Muslim

      parents being taught they are subservient to men, the children of Protestant children in Ireland being taught that they shouldn’t associate with the children of Catholic parents, the children of Klan members being taught that black people are fundamentally different than they are, or the children of American fundamentalist Christians being taught that being born Gay is a sin.

      All of those scenarios are evil. All of those scenarios are cases of (what may otherwise be) good people doing evil as a function of their beliefs.

      It is time to move beyond the chains of belief and embrace reason. It’s been a century and a half, isn’t it time we move as a species to embrace reality?

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