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Eco Drain – recycle your hot shower water to save money and the planet


The new Eco Drain is a brilliant and yet simple idea which could potentially save millions of dollars each year which we waste through sending our hot shower water down plug-holes and into the drains.


Simply put the device grabs the water before it disappears from the building and recirculates it to heat up your incoming shower water. Result, you don’t need as much energy to heat up the water and hence the savings. Yeah, heat exchangers are nothing new, but this is a great application of the tech which could be significant. Excellent idea and we wish them all the best with it.

 Although hidden on your energy bill, heating water is a large energy cost in most homes. Showers are the major consumer of hot water in the typical home (up to 80%) and are ideally suited for heat recovery since there is no delay between the time that hot water is used and the time it is drained. It is the simultaneous flow of new fresh water to the shower and waste water to the drain that makes heat recovery efficient.


  • Stop with the "save the planet" theme. God made the planet. We can screw ourselves, but the planet is fine.

    • if by fine you mean "dying" then yes. I agree.

      As for god, please research CTMU I think its the best idea to explain god, even to atheists. Its kindof an atheists bible.

  • Correct Points Total: 2
    Silly Points Total: 1

    Yes, the planet will be fine – correct
    Yes, we may yet trigger our eventual end – correct
    God made the planet? – Silly

    We've known for more than a hundred years that's just not true. Religion was our first, and therefore the worst, attempt to explain our origin and the origin of all we see.

  • How would you know what the first attempt was to explain our origin, and the origin of all we see. Also, religion and God are not the same thing. Fortunately, God doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, but you may be interested in the book "You Can Lead An Athiest To Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think."

    • Christopher:

      I totally support YOUR right to believe anything YOU want, be it Unicorns, Ouija boards, Ghosts, and Gods. I am unlikely to agree with any of your position save for those supported by fact and critical thought, yet I will support your right to hold untenable positions on a personal basis.

      I also agree that the God you speak of doesn't have to prove anything to anybody (nor do the several thousands of other Gods upon who you likely hold an atheist position, or Unicorns, or Fairies at the bottom of the Garden). Not only 'don't' they care if anyone believes in them, they 'can't care – they are fictional – they are creations of our imaginations, not real beings.

      So when it comes to extraordinary claims you would like others to believe? (like there are Supernatural beings at work in our lives), one must have extraordinary proof, and in this case the burden of proof is on those who make these claims for supernatural beings. There has been nothing that withstands scrutiny and critical thought yet, and the more we have learned about how life works, and the real origins of the universe, the less likely any sort of supernatural beings have become.

      PS I did take a look at the book referenced. An ironic title, as the author seems disassociated from a logical process, and makes numerous logical errors that have been addressed by philosophers (even theist philosophers) over the last several hundred years.

      Ty this one instead:

    • Dear John,

      If you would like something that is more logically oriented, then you could refer to "Evidence That Demands A Verdict", by Josh McDowell. He also was an athiest, and skeptic, when he set out to prove that the Bible and Christianity was wrong. You would probably be amazed at how much factual evidence exists, but I have the feeling that I am probably wasting my time.

      The question – Why does God hate amputees? This is an intelligent question, and obviously an intelligently written web site and argument. The problem is that there are many things that we just do not have answers for, and many things that we cannot comprehend. Like eternity, omniscience, and omnipresence. In our minds, these things make no logical sense. That is where faith comes in. It takes no faith to believe in something when you have all of the facts. I know that probably makes no sense to you, and can lead to more arguments. I also know that I do not have all of the answers. You say that I am wrong, and I say that I am willing to take that risk. The life I live now is wonderful, much better than before, and all of the things I thought I would have to give up turned out to be no sacrifice. To say it another way, I don't miss the things I thought I would.

      You are obviously very intelligent. In this world, that is normally an asset, but there are times when it can be a hindrance. Our logical minds want an explanation, and there are so many things that we want explanations for, but we will get some, and some we will not get.

      Also, as intelligently as that site is written, there are errors. You can't just take one verse out of the Bible and use it like you want. If it were interpreted using Biblical hermeneutics, they would make sense. Unfortunately, many Christians do the same thing, and do not understand the Bible well. Fortunately for them though, you can be saved without having all the answers and understanding all of the non-essentials.

      How could I possibly provide extraordinary proof for Supernatural beings, when supernatural phenomena is, by definition, not explainable by the scientifically visible universe. You cannot deny that there are supernatural occurrences, which should be evidence that there are beyond our understanding and scientific explanation.

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