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Everything Electric Show, London Highlights 2024

Everything Electric Show 2024 - BYD Dolphin

The Everything Electric Show is fast becoming the number one spot to check out the latest EV and renewable technology in and around the UK.  This year’s 2024 show was crammed with some cool stuff. We took a walk to check out the most interesting bits, to get a feel for where things are going.

The star of the show for me personally was the BYD Dolphin. Hearing about it and watching YouTube videos is a completely different thing from seeing it and driving it. This is a really – really – nice EV. Forget about the price – super cheap in China, not so much here – it’s a proper built piece of motor engineering. From the first time I sat in it, and clunked, thunked the doors shut, I was blown away. It’s built like a BMW used to be built, and the ride is superb. No rattles, squeaks or jitters, just smooth and solid. If this is the quality of low end cars coming out of China right now, wow!

Everything Electric Show 2024 -VW DVAN

But moving on, we had to stop and gape at the DVAN, a camper van conversion based on a VW ID. Buzz. It looked gorgeous, with its flip top, fancy materials and 208 mile range. But then again so it should at a price of £93,000. That’s some price for a tiny camper, but gotta love the pun on the word DVAN. Geddit? More info at Buzzcampervan.co.uk.

Everything Electric Show 2024 - Morris J Van

Everything Electric Show 2024 - Morris JE van

What better way to follow up than with the Morris JE van. Take a huge chunk of 1950’s nostalgia, throw in some super cute design touches, give it all a 1 ton payload and 200 mile all electric range and you’ve got something worth shouting about. It’s definitely the most interesting van on the market, even if it’s only on preorder at the moment.

Everything Electric Show 2024 - Carice

The other end of the spectrum from trade vehicles is this nifty little Dutch sportster which again relies heavily on a nostalgic theme. The Carice TC2 is destined to appeal to over 50’s with bags of money, we’re talking €53000 on the road, with 200km range (a 300km option is available). A little bit Porsche, a little bit older Lotus wouldn’t you say?

Everything Electric Show 2024 - MG Cyberster

The MG Cyberster is the first full fledged sports car to emerge from the new owners of the MG brand. Chinese owners SAIC has kept a very low profile despite being a huge conglomerate over there, so we’re just seeing some nice vehicles. The generic MG 4 saloon has won lots of praise for it’s affordability and feature set (including up to 323 miles range), so the Cyberster has a lot to live up to. From this early sighting, it looks very nice. Maybe a bit too Jaguar F Type for comfort, but nice.

Everything Electric Show 2024 -Maxus Mifa

From the sublime to the ridiculous? The massive 8 seater Maxus Mifa 9 is a truck masquerading as a people carrier. Three rows of seats, twin massive opening doors and a range of up to 323 miles. Ironically owned by the same SAIC of MG Cyberster fame, this is a people carrier for people. And we mean lots of people. You’re going to need to find £65,000 though, so don’t all rush the stage.

Everything Electric Show 2024 - Fellten Mini EV

Look we can’t help it if the cutest EVs are based on retro classics. This Fellten Mini EV is just so lovely. You’ll need to find your own Austin Mini to start with, after which the company will drop a crate powertrain into the chassis and off you go in less than a week. That will cost you something like £40,000, but if you want to DIY (with expert certification of course) then you’re talking about £27,000 for the kit itself. Totally worth it if you’re made of money and happy with 110 mile range. Oh and just think, no more conking out because it’s raining and the distributor behind the front grill has got wet. That’s a joke for us old mini drivers.

So that’s the main features of the show in a very quick wrap up. Prize for the silliest EV goes to the fake Mustang fastback, which must weigh six tons and probably drives like it. Only 499 to be made, 200 mile range, 0-60 in 3.silly seconds and a six figure price. Perfect for today’s environmentally conscious show-offs.

Everything Electric Show 2024 - Charge Cars '67

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