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Thanks very very much to all of you who’ve taken the time to comment on the site performance (what a lovely bunch!). I’d love for just a few more to get a statistically significant sample. Purlease? Don’t make the Ferret beg, he’s far too old.  Ta! :-)


  • Nigel, Brad here, the American chap whose been been swotting up Britishisms thanks to your site. In real life, such as it is, I am actually a freelance writer (type “Brad Lemley” into Google and you will see much more than you, or I, or anyone with sense would care to read) and a contributing editor at Discover Magazine, the American popular science magazine. I have nicked a few promising ideas from your listings for my own literary uses, and for that I thank you.

    I check six or eight gadget blogs daily including Mike’s List, Gizmodo, Engadget and some others. What I like about yours is what might be called thematic unity — lots of photos, all justified left, provide a nice, clean look. More than that, I like the sense that one funny, friendly, bemused English chap writes the whole thing. Gizmodo, by contrast, seems to be written by a gaggle of American slackers all in competition to see who can seem more edgy and/or jaded. They are just gadgets, after all, must they inspire tirades about corporate graft or, worse, paens to nihilsm? Please, it’s early morning!

    A light touch and a certain politeness are wonderful things. The anonymity of the internet seems to bring out the worst in people, but your site is a fine exception.

    You also have a great knack for finding good, interesting gadgets. Not sure how you do it; keep up the good work.

    Perhaps the only addition I can imagine would be a bio section; since the site is a reflection of you, it would be nice to know who you are and how you came to this endevour. But generally I’ve nowt but praises; good show. Should you find yourself in Maine or New York, I’d by honored to buy you a pint. Brad

  • Site performance is excellent (I’m in New York City). I pull your RSS feed three times a day, when I notice there are new article, I go to the site to read them. Site loads up immediately.

  • Site is amazingly slow to load and frequently I give up. Neither of the RSS feeds appears to work at all.

  • Red Ferret Journal loads quickly from Ontario, Canada. Love your site!

  • Site always works fine from Hong Kong. I like it.

  • I don’t ever recall having trouble with this site loading, from the Midwest US, Comcast broadband–always fast and the Bloglines’ feed loads fast too.

  • Near Vancouver, Canada, and I’ve never had a problem at all, pages always load fast for me. One of my daily reads! Thanks!

  • Excellant site! Part of my morning routine and never any connection problems – Salisbury, Wilts, UK.

  • Wow Brad, thanks very much. Now you’ve embarassed me lots. :-) Thanks again also to all who’ve responded, that’s great.

  • RFJ comes to quick most days here in Atlanta, GA…But that big fat gubbmint pipe I’m on helps too. :-)

  • RFJ comes to quick most days here in Atlanta, GA…But that big fat gubbmint pipe I’m on helps too. :-)

  • Painfully slow again tonight and getting database errors when I try to open the comment pages. You need a new service – and one that provides RSS that works!!

  • L., ouch! You’re the only one reporting this stuff, I wonder what it is? The dbase errors are really weird. The RSS is a function of WordPress though, so I don’t think we can lay that at the door of the host. As far as I know it’s a dead standard RSS implementation too, and works fine for me. Maybe there’s a clash with your reader?

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