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Genetically-modified cows give breast milk!

Genetically modified cows

Let me say up front that genetically modified foods of any kind aren’t a good idea. But this story goes beyond a mere eyebrow raising.

Scientists in China have successfully created a herd of transgenic cows – read genetically modified – that are now able to produce human breast milk. Human breast milk genes were inserted into cloned cow embryos, which were then implanted into surrogate cows.

The scientists involved in the study apparently aren’t concerned about any potential risks to humans from this macabre science experiment. The milk is currently undergoing safety tests but with government permission it will be sold to consumers as a more nutritious dairy drink than cow’s milk. I wonder if it will have an special labeling to warn consumers where the milk came from?


  • Maybe little weiners will be born with horns or that udder thingy.

  • "Let me say up front that genetically modified foods of any kind aren’t a good idea."

    Oh really? Based on some form of evidence, or your set of beliefs? The difference is that we can instigate some 'intelligent' design' in these modifications, where those is the past, including those that led to us, were random and only survived through natural selection.

    I think you are mistaking the tool with the modifications. The tool has great potential for all of mankind, yet not all modifications are in humanities best interests (for example Monsanto making a seed that requires their fertilizer to grow, yet will not reproduce seed stock and must be repurchased each year)

  • So, hang on – you're perfectly happy to drink the milk of another mammal, and be complicit in the multiple deaths of the donor's offspring so you can have the milk instead – but you're squeamish about human breast milk ???

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