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HARApad Elite – Reduce radiation from computers

HARApad 3

If you spend hours on the computer – playing computer games, doing research or just chatting, then the people at HARApad reckon you may be courting some serious health risks. The new HARApad Elite (a Heat And Radiation Attenuating pad), helps reduce the amount of radiation emanating from your laptop. Research has shown that laptops emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) – up to 100 times the safe amount – and this could be linked to serious health issues like cancer and infertility.

HARApad 2

The HARApad helps spread computer-generated heat away from the body, gives you a solid work surface and can double as a dry erase board! It comes in two strengths -for 80% or 100% protection – and in a variety of colors and sizes. Prices range from $39.99 to $74.99, depending on size. I guess the only question left is how do you know it works?

The HARApad Elite is our premium product that blocks nearly 100% of EMR. In some cases, it blocks even more than 100%, which means you would experience less EMR while using your laptop/HARApad than if you weren’t using the laptop at all.

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  • Hello to Red Ferret–

    I am a representative for HARApad, and I see you have some questions about how the HARApad works. Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (ELF EMF) is emitted from the current-carrying components of your computer. It does this in a rotational fashion around said component, with the component at the very center of the circle. It rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, depending upon the direction of the current. Your body lies directly in the middle of this invisible field when you use your laptop on your lap.

    What the HARApad does is gives a "grounding" path for this field. Rather than allowing this field to pass through your body, the shielding in the HARApad completes the circuit by creating a channel for these waves. It is a highly EMF conductive material that creates a path of least resistance, allowing the field of EMF waves to travel back into the computer.

    I hope this clarifies some things, and if not, more information can be found on our blog at


  • (A) Where can I buy the Harapad?
    (B) How much?
    (C) I live in Singapore and Australia, can I be your agent?
    (D) What is tat instrument u use in the utube video to measure the magnetic radiation. Where can I buy this measurement instrument?

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