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IF Mode Folding Bike – at last a really cool folding bicycle, at a price…


The IF Mode Folding Bicycle is one of the only collapsible models that looks like it might be worth riding for long distances. It folds in seconds too, which is very cool. The only downside is the rather exotic price of $2579.00. Which makes it just slightly more expensive than the new Tata Nano car. Strange thing, life. Video. [Via]


 IF Mode avoids oily chains, complex tube with hidden dirt traps and the clutter of traditional bicycle features. It can be used by city commuters who do not want to change their appearance into ‘bicycle warriors’ and may use public transport or their car for some of the journey. IF Mode looks at home folded up on a smart subway train or in an office, just like a sleek mp3 player or other well designed accessory in your life. It also performs on the street like any lightweight well balanced full size bike.


  • Ooof, steep. If/when my bike budget hits that much, I think I'll opt for a Schwinn electric. :-)

  • Let's put the price in context.

    This is the first of a new breed of bicycles that will revolutionize transportation for many urbanites. It has iconic styling and stands as a symbol of the future. The bike is only being produced in small quantities too; thus, don't expect the price of the MODE to fall.

    If you can't afford this model, offers less expensive bikes with the same folding mechanism. Eventually, they'll license their patented folding mechanism to other brands, resulting in full sized folding bikes that cost under $1000 yet have some of the same attributes as the MODE (as in folds/unfolds quickly & easily into a wheelable, compact, folded bike). It may take a couple of years but it will happen.

  • Not that I don't approve of shiny new bike tech, but why the pot-shot at other folders' long-distance performance? I ride my Tikit for 100km+ trips without trouble, and others ride them much further than that.

    There are lots of folders that make good commuter bikes, some make good utility bikes and there are even a few that make decent touring bikes.

    This bike looks like a very expensive (and very beautiful) commuter bike without any space for racks or panniers. It's not a touring bike, or even a good choice for grocery shopping. If it's supposed to appeal to the urban dweller, it should be useful for grocery runs or packing a picnic, at least. Chances are good that most people would consider a $2700.00 bike only if it is the only bike they need to buy. It should be a multi-role bike, not a single-purpose, technolust design-experiment.

    I'm still not sold on belts as chain-replacements, either – If I break my chain on the road, I can shorten it a few links and still ride home with fewer gears. If the belt breaks on this bike, what's the temporary fix to get the rider home?

    • Good points Crosius, I didn't mean to diss other folders, just to say that having a larger format would seem to make more sense for long distances, paniers or no. Interesting comment about belts, I suppose you get around the problem by carrying a spare belt?

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