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Is MySpace broken beyond repair?


Is MySpace broken beyond repair? I ask because a quick look at the November Help pages shows a non-stop catalogue of serious problems with the underlying technology. ‘Can’t Add Friends’, ‘Messages/Inbox Down’, ‘Can’t View Friends’, ‘Home Page Down’, ‘Events are Down’ and so on. Not just once, mind you, but on and on and on. I know that these could be simple routine issues, but so many? And in just one month?

[Update: Hmm..just done a Google search and it looks as though this is more serious than I thought, in that it’s been going on for a long time.]

If I was reading this as an investor I’d really start worrying that maybe the site has reached its technical capacity and is literally breaking apart under the strain. Which wouldn’t bode well for the future of the service really, would it? I suspect that in any case if these problems continue, the users are going to start bailing, so watch those numbers!

  inbox error – cant add friends – posting in groups error – 11/29/2006

MESSAGES/INBOX DOWN – when attempting to send a message you might see: “An error occurred while trying to process your request.” ADDING FRIENDS – you might recieve an error when attempting to add friends GROUPS/FORUMS – posting in groups or forums might lead to an unexpected error

we’ll fix it soon!


  • It’s true. There’s always something wrong on MySpace. A few weeks ago I was having this issue where it would tell me I had new friend requests and/or messages, but nothing was there. It’s not unusual for Tom (the creator) to post a bulletin explaining that he knows about a problem and is trying to fix it. Although it is annoying, it hasn’t stopped me from using MySpace. Most of the issues are minor and don’t interfere with my daily use of the site, they just drive me crazy. But it is one more reason that I prefer Facebook to MySpace, and always will.

  • Jen, I suppose the real question is, at what point do the users start saying en masse, ‘stuff this, I’m going to move to x, even if it isn’t as cool/useful/popular etc? Judging by the original Friendster, this can happen quite quickly once the dam breaks. ?

  • our profile broke a long time ago, so yesterday i said stuff it, i’ll make a new profile and invite all of our current friends over to the new one… the new profile is already broken after adding 5 friends. i can’t even log into that one. SCREW MYSPACE, it has always sucked from a design perspective, adding immense technical difficulties to the pile just makes it that much more annoying a place to visit.

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