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Jinni – the movie search engine


Jinni is a new movie search and recommendation engine which gives you all sorts of criteria on which to request recommendations. You can browse movies by plot, period, mood, even the amount and type of praise the film received on first showing. It’s all wrapped up in a jazzy little interface which while not really to my taste (just a tad too cluttered) does the job well enough.


The main issue I have with the site mainly has to do with content, or rather the apparent lack of it. The service is new and still behind closed doors in private beta, so it’s perhaps a little unfair to single out the fact that the movie results tend to be mainstream stuff which you’re likely to have seen anyway (even after having spent time filling out the taste type tests to focus on your likely faves). But I’ll mention it anyway, if only as a counterpoint to the surprising and sometimes delightful choices offered up by the much simpler service I mentioned a while back.


Where whattorent is sparse to point of Spartanism (main menu – get new picks, see old picks), Jinni is as lavish as a Busby Berkeley musical with a positively bewildering number of options, settings, data and features. At times it’s almost too much. Less really is more in this case. Anyway, it’s a sterling effort for all that, and clearly the developers have put in a ton of work to get such a sophisticated result, so I’ll just leave it at that. I’ve got 10 invites if anyone wants to take a sneak peek.

 Jinni’s social search-and-recommendation engine uses our Movie Genome, a big, ongoing project with the Jinni community to describe video more complexly. Using proprietary technology, a Jinni search takes you inside plot elements, atmosphere, and more – for search that reflects how we think and talk about movies. More about the Movie Genome. Jinni isn’t a social network, it’s an internet application designed to fit how people relate to movies and TV. And since conversation is part of that, we’ve created tools to meet people with shared tastes, compare preferences, and review and rank titles.


  • Hi, am trying to fing the name of a movie & all I know is the plot. This was an Italian or French comedy, probably about 10 years old. The hero an aging Pop Pianist discovers
    a young talented singer. Together they write songs and perform, she sings and he accompanys on keyboard. She renames him THE FREEZER. They start to be very
    successful, she gets a big contract, but the music king pins only want her – and not him.
    She dumps him and leaves to go with a band with musicians her own age.

    • I was blonde and the FREEZER

  • I saw an old (I think 1950s) movie or television drama starring (I think) William Holden. My brothers and I have been trying to locate it for years. The basic plot was that a United States ship's Captain had located a Japanese military group on an island in the Pacific who believed that WWII was still being fought and were trying to capture the Captain's ship while all the while he kept telling them that the war was over and that he would rescue them off the island if they would quit trying to take over his ship. He tried to convince the Japanese commander that the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had prematurely ended the war. He told the Japanese commander that the bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima and then with a pause and afterthought asked the Japanese commander if his parents had lived in Hiroshima. The Japanese answered, "Sorry to disappoint you Captain, but my parents live in NagasakI." We are trying to find the name of the black and white movie or television drama.

  • Hi Im trying to find the name of an old romance film about a woman who's sister dies during childbirth. She raises her nephew till his father comes on the see and the child asks that the live together.subsequently the fall for each other.

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