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Magnetic Air Car – so how well does it stick to the road, dude?


Update: the photos of the car used in this company’s official marketing material and web site, as well as in the article linked to below have been taken without permission from the site of Factory Five, a kit car maker from the US who produce a $19,990 GTM Supercar kit. You must draw your own conclusions!

This Magnetic Air Car appears to be an absolute miracle of engineering. We’re talking a vehicle that will travel at 100 mph plus for ‘an unlimited driving range’ without needing to refuel. Oh yes folks, you read that right. The technology seems to involve something called an air-bearing turbocharger which uses a $70 battery to run a magnetic motor to compress, use and re-compress air in the onboard storage tanks. The secret sauce as they call it is their new Air Cycle Machine, which apparently stirs up air through convection. Confused? Yep, same here. See if this magazine article helps. Oh and the flyer text [PDF] may help too (under the right hand top photo).


 What we are building is similar to an electric car but with compressed air tanks instead of expensive rechargeable batteries that can only provide short driving distances. We believe our engineers have developed a solution for manufacturing air while the vehicle is in motion which may provide an unlimited driving range. We use only one specially designed battery the size of a regular car battery which has three times the charging capacity and a much longer life cycle. Instead of $3,000-$5,000 for lithium batteries, our battery costs less than $70. The battery does not contain acid, it will retain its first charge sitting on a shelf for up to three years…


  • Insurance is $10,000 a month, to cover the accidents. I hear that the makers are coming out with an add on – a road anchor.

  • And let me guess here – all they need is $10 Million to complete the prototypes and then the investors will all be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

    Haven’t we seen this movie before?

  • Rob? How COULD you? That’s so…so…CRASS! :-)

  • “unlimited driving range”

    Terms like this will never be taken seriously by anyone with any sort of engineering background. I’d take a car with a 50,000 mile range more seriously than this. “Unlimited” simply doesn’t exist. This is vaporware.

  • Guys, guys…it’s a pretty red colour. Please be more understanding. :-)

  • You lost me at “unlimited”. This sounds more like a pipe dream that an actual working automobile.

  • Yep, file this one under Mechanical Turk.

  • Dear Readers,

    The unauthorized image above is of Factory Five’s GTM Supercar. Factory Five Racing is not affiliated with or supports the use of their vehicle to appear on this bogus site. It would also be appreciated if the webmaster could remove this post. For more information about the above vehicle, please visit: []

  • Oh God… Please leave things that supposedly break the laws of thermodynamics off Red Ferret. They just make me want to hurl.

    Draw pentagrams and chant mystic incantations at midnight in a darkened retreat, but please don’t record it, play it back here and try to tell us that it will produce an interesting gadget worth mentioning.

  • Its my understanding that electric drive vehicles can turn two wheels off and they will generate twice the power it takes to run them, if this is true, we are all getting decieved by the money conglomerates.

  • J realy think that perpetuum vehicles doesn´t exist.

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