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Moonse E-7001 Android Tablet – new 7 inch 3G Android pad


At the recent CCEF 2010 Shenzhen show in China, a company called Moonse released a new 7.0 inch touch screen tablet called the E-7001 running on the Google Android 1.5 operating system. The device features a 7-inch multi-point touch panel with a resolution of 800 x 480 and supports the type of multitouch mode of operation the iPhone uses. It has a nice interface, supports 3G HSDPA, contains a 1.3 megapixel camera and supports the usual type of Android application software.


The product costs RMB 900, equivalent to about $131. The configuration is pretty good for the cheap price, although unfortunately the system is not really stable enough at the moment and the touch screen has a slightly slow response time during use.


Can the tablet run chat software such as Skype, MSN , etc? Yes, don’t worry, it can. It can also run the huge range of Android programs of course, but the storage capacity which relies on T-flash is really too small, with a maximum of 32GB. But for mobile web browsing, watching HD movies, sending and receiving mail, accessing files such as pictures or use for listening to music, the E-7001 is competent. Run time is around 5 hours per charge.


Overall, any cheap tablet which aims at the low-end market is very popular these days, especially for those guys who have limited budget and have no need for a higher hardware configuration. Here are the full specifications (we are trying to grab a video).


  • Screen: 7 inch high definition LCD screen
  • Processor: Rockchip RK2808, 600MHZ GHz, 500MHz DSP hardware decoding
  • Storage: 2GB-32GB
  • Battery: 3000mAh high capacity battery (use continuously about 5 hours after fully charged.)
  • Wireless Network: Wifi 802.11b / g wireless LAN
  • USB connector: USB Slave 2.0
  • Sound effect: stereo amplifier; audio output interface, built-in MIC; calling stereo headphone jack (including MIC)
  • Camera: 1.3 million high-definition camera
  • Card port: T-flash card/microSD card
  • Support 3G function: (WCDMA / EVDO selectable-external USB)
  • PMP features: Full format 720p HD playing
  • Game features: QQ Landlords and other Android version games
  • Network Communication: QQ / MSN / SKYPE
  • Office: need third-party software support
  • Dimensions: 237mm x 125mm x 14.33mm


  • iPad it's not. As soon as Apple releases a new product, copy machines around the world go bonkers. You cannot ever be the first to run a for minute mile the second time. Why bother? Apple is just the best at what it does.

    • I always find it funny when people claim Apple to be original
      when it comes to the Iphone and Ipad
      the smartphone and tablet have been around for a long time before apple
      Sure apple makes it run smoothly by limiting features and crippling software
      then gives it a sleek sexy look and now its must have!
      then over the next few years have updates it always should have had for the outrageous prices.
      sure the competition isnt first but in most cases you will get all the features you want for less $$ and most likely with less proprietary crap like special ports
      the tablet isn't really needed but now that everyone wants an Ipad the market for it will appear.
      they were sucky before and we didnt need them, all apple did was say hey lets bring back the tablet with current technology. Congrats…apple brought a device back from the dead that does LESS than a cellphone or laptop yet costs as much as a laptop
      all it takes to best the ipad is 3g or 4g, wifi, USB ports (not proprietary), Flash, and hopefully a sim card slot with a camera. essentially a big smart phone with more power and flash.
      these are things that EVERYONE wants and apple could have delivered, but why release a great product when you can release an okish product charge $800+ and then in a few years tell them that old product sucks try the new one ;)
      Im not an apple hater, I just see through the BS

    • if it doesnt have that overpriced apple logo, count me in. also it runs Linux.

  • Except the Android tablets have been out for some time now and this was shown far too early to be a copy of the iPad.

  • @ Sirron:
    You are right this is not the IPAD…this has multi-tasking capabilities, USB ports, clock, stopwatch, alarm software included, an amazing open-source OS – with a butt load of free apps, reliable wifi, the distinct lack of the 370 dollar fan boy premium that your going to/have paid to apple just so you can use a crippled device with an apple logo on it.

  • buy it at


  • Has anyone tried the Moonse tablet yet??? Is it for real?

    • I have it and it is not and iPad…. Slow response, there was no way to get a firmware update. It just a great TOY to look at here and later. When I tried to get android apps they where limited old ones, because there running a higher android now!

  • It is funny how people think they are superior to everyone else if they pay more money for something that can do less than cheaper alternatives… Where I am from we just call that stupid! :) This MID is real and works very well, not to mention that you can buy three of these for the price of the lowest spec iPad…

  • Can I upgrade the android 1.5 to 1.6 or higher on the Moonse?

  • we ordered 2 moonse e7001 tablets to try. We got them in today, one is DOA other is working but even though we changed it all to english the keyboard shift and . is still in chinese and makes browsing the web impossible.

    • how did u change it from chinese to english im having problem doing it

  • I got one too and I can't get any micro sd card to work. It says they are damaged. I know they are not. I can't even get the device to format them. Dag.

  • Mine arrived this morning, My winning bid on e-bay was $157.50 ($2.50 under my max bid). There's so much to it, both good and bad, that I don't know where to start. Well the first thing is this is the out of the box appearance. It's plastic, everywhere plastic, including the screen. maybe there is glass below the plastic somewhere, but the top coat is plastic. Mine arrived with a slight flaw in the corner giving the plastic the slightest wave. The bottom plastic is metallic gray (silver), which is a poor design choice, it makes it look cheap, like they were trying to make it look like metal, as opposed to using white or black like the old plastic cased ipods. This had a different type touch screen than ipad or ipod touch, for one thing they are glass, this has a screen more like the old PDAs of past. I HIGHLY recommend using a stylus, one it works much better than finger touch, I found I had to press down to get the screen to respond, but it was quite effortless with the stylus. Also, I have never seen a screen so clouded my finger prints, I have heard of devices being "finger print magnets" but this takes the cake, after five minutes of use, I had to grab some lcd screen wipes. I wouldn't recommend anything else ( such as windex, nail polish remover [lol – just kidding]) to clean the screen. I first tried one of those microfiber cloths, but it just smeared the finger prints around. Save yourself the trouble and get a stylus, then the only time you'll have to touch the screen is when you want to use the multi-touch feature. I bought this mainly to entertain myself when I'm on the train, and being the train has no wifi, mostly movies. I am disappointed to report that so far it is spotty at that. I tried two avi files and it had trouble with the audio sync on both. I tried a mkv (720p) and it wouldn't even try to play that (advertising says it does0 and the last format I tried was mp4, which, the box says nothing about being able to play, well it played the best, flawlessly. Too bad I only have a few mp4 files as my WD HD TV player hates mp4s (audio sync issues). Anyway. The screen is crisp, bright, and the colors are vivid. At first I thought the USB connections were broken, because when I would connect a thumb drive or a external hard drive they would light up, but the device would not acknowledge that they were there, however when I connect it to my PC via the USB it connects fine. The 8gb micro SD card worked fine, and was how I got the videos and mp3s on the 'apad' ( the mp3s sound very good, by the way, but the album art did not show up. Perhaps there is a setting I overlooked). All the apps I downloaded via the marketplace application worked as expected. I had read on another forum that there would be concern that apps would not work, being newer android phones are now on android 2.1 or higher. I don't think this is the case as older linux programs still work on newer linux cores ( most of the time anyway). Despite changing all the settings I could find to English, there is still A LOT of Chinese still in the device(+20%, I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me when you can't understand 1/5th of what is there, it's a lot.) I'm hoping that when there is a firmware upgrade, I can get it in an all English format. I think the mic on mine isn't working, when I recorded a test video (Oh yeah it has a 1.3 MP camera) there was no sound when i played it back. The speaker is very poor, so you'll need to keep a pair of headphones with you. I'm hoping that the jack is the kind that works a headphone/mic combo (like for cell phones). I don't think it has bluetooth, but that would have been really cool, esp. stereo bluetooth. The camera is on the screen side so you can use it when your talking via video skype. OK that's enough nuts and bolts, here's my conclusion. This IS NOT an iPad killer, it IS a poor mans (nerds) iPad.. The build quality will probably last 18 months under normal use. This is not something you would give to your grandmother, but it will definitely give you some geek street cred.

    • Excellent review Michael, thanks very much. It sounds as if it kind of mirrors my experience with the MiPhone A3 smartphone. The hardware works, but the software needs work. :)

  • i just got mine today, the video's are lagging like michael said but what can you expect for £131 on the nail! it also dosen't record movies propley on mine don't know if this is a all round problem or just mine :(,, anyways its a good item for that price and it works, the only thing is is the home screen does not move!!!! ohh and my cherger was broken when i got mine too ( have to push it in really far, im gessing you wont have to on a ipad cos they will just clip in, ohh lol,, and its not as responsive as you think, and works good for me with my finger, dual touch,, myy bum! DOSENT HAVE IT!

    • oh and i woldn't have commented on this if if wasn't for michael's long review :) chhers dude :)

  • In fact I have bought one Android Tablet Pc from China.just cost $158,more cheaper than ipad.
    I would period. With Android.. all product that comes out of China will not be an imitation.. it will be original and not a clone..
    Think about that… and its cheap too…

  • Yeah, pay $131 for a copy and what do you get? Something that looks like an iPad but is crippled by the plastic and lack of decent software. I could have bought my wife a Zircon but she has a diamond, some idiots don't know the difference. aapl stock is great also. It'll be $300 soon.

  • Thanks Michael, you just confirmed all I wrote.

  • Michael good review, but you left out one word JUNK!

  • Got one for my daughter for xmas and the sucker turn on twice..please let me know if im doing sum thng wrong??

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