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New Color Iris – change your eye color permanently


Don’t like the color of your eyes? Change them with NewColorIris, an intraocular implant that lets you change your eyes to blue, green or brown permanently.

Created for patients dealing with congenital iris defects and other eye problems as well as folks who want a change of pace (and natural-looking color), the website says this eliminates “the limitations, risks and annoyances of contact lenses.”

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NewColorIris is a diaphragm that covers the iris and takes only a few minutes to implant by a patented and supposedly painless surgery under topical anesthesia. Sounds interesting but given the old saying “such is the price of beauty”, this one may be a little too high for me.

NewColorIris is a diaphragm that covers or dresses the natural iris. It is implanted in few minutes by a patented painless ambulatory surgery under topical anesthesia.
Its safeness is based on a revolutionary new design along with the most modern biocompatible materials that are used on current cataract surgeries.

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  • This is a terrible idea.

    The risks of surgery, and the expense(s) — just to change eye color? People can get contact lenses if they want a change, without the risks and expense.

    And if they get tired of the new color? Or if law enforcement entities don't like the idea? Or if the implant degrades, or breaks, or flakes come off . . .

    Not the best solution to what is basically a vanity issue. For the very important use for which it was originally intended, a good idea.

  • This is a very dangerous BLACK MARKET SURGERY that has left many sightless. It is NOT approved and it does NOT look natural, it looks dull and not a pretty colour afterwards. There was a Tyra Banks Show episode about this and a woman was left with a puncture in her pretty brown eyes and it cost her money, and most of her sight, and she didnt get blue eyes anyway.



  • All,

    Look at Tyra Banks show:

    This surgery should be banned. Search "NewColorIris" on YouTube to see more results!!

  • lol no proof of anyone going blind. Just people scaring others
    that had some sideffects which all surgeries always have risks
    like cataract surgery and lasik. Noo prooof of any blindess
    but doctors scaring people not to go over seas so thet
    make extreme comments. Do research on facts not
    he or she say

  • There's all kinds of crap out there that put people's vission at risk such as dieases, injuries, medications, old age etc.

  • I have done it and it looks natural and i am not blind

  • Shut, saw a video about a chic who got this done… it was horrifying. DO NOT GET IT DONE!!!

  • They cut a hole into your eye without you knowing. The girl who got i dont now will be blind, has cataracts in her eyes, got A GODDAMN HOLE In HER EYE! Obviously she took them out but the damage is done. I hope you know this is not legal for a good reason.

  • The people who say that this is fine to do are probably the people who are getting paid to do it. And yes, it is painful, very painful. Its all bullshit it if they say its safe. They don't care about you, just your money.

  • Test

  • Hi,

    If you have had this done, I would recommend seeing an ophthalmologist on a regular basis. I have a patient who did not develop complications until 2 years after implantation. The medical literature has several case reports of patients with irreversible vision loss from having this procedure. The website for this company is now down and I do not think the procedure is being done anymore.

  • I’m looking at this for cosmetic reasons, any chance for red/dark red eye color surgery?

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