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Pig Tones – funny voices you can download to your GPS satnav


Pig Tones is designed to spice up your boring old GPS voice instructions by letting you download celebrity and novelty voices to your TomTom or Garmin satellite navigation devices. Hey, it’s not a horrible idea, although we suspect that having Arnie or Yoda navigate your way around town could get old real fast. Priced at $12.97 a package. [Via]

 Actually, we just want you to love your GPS. We know…you can’t remember how you lived without it. But soon, that once-welcome voice will get old and boring (just like someone you know) and you’ll want to spice things up a bit. But instead of divorcing your GPS because you’re bored, we’re here to give it a “voice-lift”, perhaps a “personality-transplant.” You won’t recognize her…I mean “it” when we’re through. But you will remember how fun it is to drive again.


  • You know, I’d actually go for this – the price isn’t too bad and I suppose you could archive the ones not in use and swap ’em around. It’d be pretty funny hearing Mr T say “I pity the fool who don’t turn left!”


  • Investigate carefully before ordering this. On some gps forums, there are people who are having problems getting this to work and worse, getting the company to respond to their complaints. Not many happy campers out there for this product. Good idea, but bad back-up by the company.

  • I purchased and downloaded a Pigtones voice for my Garmin GPS. I thought it was a no-risk satisfaction guaranteed opportunity. So I figured I had nothing to lose. The download and install went smoothly, but the voice did not work properly. The messages were cut off by The Garmin, and the messages did NOT provide turn by turn directions which is the main feature of value for me with my Garmin. I wrote for help and got cryptic messages back that I could not understand. I then asked for a refund and was politely informed that the website says that TTS is not supported. Unfortunately I did not know that TTS is what gives turn by turn directions… with street name pronunciation … how was I supposed to know that. So I have uninstalled the Pigtone, gone back to my factory set up … and am now out the purchase price. So my advice is buyer beware. … I will not do business with these folks ever again

  • I bought a voice of Gilbert Gotfried from that downloaded easily and according to the site has nearly twice the prompts. As far as I can tell It has worked on every turn. They use a Garmin download that's pretty easy.

  • I can not find the CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION choice,
    I only wanted one silly voice.
    it is not located on the PROFILE page,
    nor is it is not located on the SUPPORT page,
    I do not wish to open a new VOICE VAULT
    I am now stuck and it is not my FAULT,
    it must stop before I fly into a RAGE.
    I can not find the CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION page.
    I did not want it when when I first checked-out,
    I did not want it a month later when I first paid out,
    it is obvious that I can not cancel my subscription,
    for that I do have but one prescription,
    if you never purchase from PigTones,
    you won't loose your hard earned bones.
    I can not find the "CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION" button,
    I will not be consumed like a leg of mutton.
    Get out and get away quick
    before you make your credit card sick
    Look at me, I thought it would be fun,
    but now me thinks it's only begun.
    If I could CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION it would already be done!!!

  • I would like to cancel my order for Billy Bob-The Cussing Redneck

  • I just purchased sergeant hartman voice for my garmin nuvi and cant get it to load onto my device. I have contacted customer support but there is no support, just an email that takes an entire day to get to you. And further more all it tells you are the things to do that you have already done over and over again. If it will not work for you why not have a tech call and walk you through it or at least give the customer a refund? What a waste of time and money. I really wish i purchased from a more reputable company with some customer support. This feels like a take the money and run kind of deal.

  • Well this explains that i'm not the only fool. Except. that It works on my computer. I can get to download to the gps. Looking from my computer to the usb drive to the garmin I can see that the file is on the gps. however when i Disconnect the usb hook-up and actually try to fine the file on the gps….it's no where to be…

  • Avoid pigtones like the plague! No support and frequently won't load. Certainly not simple like it sounds. A total waste of money.

  • Sorry Guys, I downloaded the cheerleader with no problems at all. It is entertainment at it's best !

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