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Port Solar Charger – your phone, some sun, equals value…


No matter how well you charge your smartphone up before going out, it will typically still run out of juice somewhere along the way. You can always use car charging cables but why not use nature to your advantage instead? Wouldn’t you prefer it if your device could be juiced up from the power of the sun like some sort of super hero?

Meet the Port Solar Charger – a unique solar charger that attaches to any type of window and gives your handhelds extra working time for free. The next time you’re out on your travels, this could help get you out of a jam, at least for a while.

The product attaches to any standard window with the help of high-grade PVC suction cups, and provides a 1000mAh lithium battery which can be charged with solar power or with the provided USB cable. There are also 5 LEDs on the charger which indicate the amount of battery charge left. The Port Solar Charger is available for $84 via FireBox.


  • You say it gives you “extra working time for free”.

    Before you can say that, the savings you do with this charger have to be equal to the amount you paid for it. When it paid itself then it is true you use it for free.

    According to an article on, charging an iPhone 5 once a day takes 3.47 kWh per year. At $0.11 per kWh you then save around $0.41 a year using a solar charger. The charger cost $80. So before you really start recharging for free, you need to use it for 195 years.

    My point is.. if you need a solar charger, it won’t be for the money it saves you.
    So where would I need this particular one ?

    In my car ?
    Nope. Easier to use the 12V cigar lighter.

    On a cross country bike ride ?
    Well maybe. But where will I stick this thing ? No glass surface on my bike. Same thing on camping trips by the way.

    Long flights playing Angry Birds ?
    Ah ! maybe we have a use for this after all.
    But wait… the internal battery on the charger is around 1000 mAh. So 65% of what needs an iPhone to be fully charged. Then God know’s how long it takes to recharge that thing. And what if you fly at night ? And what if planes have USB outlets on each seat now ? (I never take the plane, so I don’t know… but would it not be great if they had this convenience on board ?).

    So my real point is : To my opinion, this thing is way too expensive for what it gives you. You can get a cheap solar charger for $20 if you need it on camping trips, bike rides or whatever. And for plane flights, get a $50 20000 mAh rechargeable external battery. You’ll get bored shooting birds long before you run out of power.

    By the way, I don’t mean to be a troll here. Maybe this charger have real uses I didnt see. So feel free anyone to open my eyes.

    (And as always, forgive my approximate use of the english language)

    • You know what? Some extremely useful points. :) Thanks for the comment. Solar probably still has a way to go before it’s more than just an ‘easy hype’ product.

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