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Portable Director Cell Phone Jammer.


The CX 200 Portable Director II Cell Phone Jammer [updated] Palm Mini Jammer . Take a good look, because you may see a lot more of these little babies arriving here in the West once laws get changed, and people reach the end of tethers with loud mouths. The strange translation from Japanese says something like – ‘secretly switch on – so it’s clearly covert. Uh-huh. Anyhoo, two modes, one gives 70 seconds jamming (i.e. peace) around you, the other fades out the call ‘with natural atmosphere’ presumably to help you end calls you’d rather not continue. Around $71.00.

 * Effective area: Approximately 3 m * Correspondence: NTT_DOCOMO (800MHz), FOMA (2gHz), VodaFone (1. 5gHz), au (Cdmaone) * Use power source: Single 4 alkaline ×2 books * Electric battery life: With timer mode approximately 150 times, approximately with continual ON 4 hour


  • i want one

  • This product seems perfect for theaters and would’nt be very likely to interrupt an important call i.e. calls to medical professionals. It’d be great to see ushers carry these and use them at their discretion.

  • FCC will never allow these to be sold legally.

  • Damn only 3 metres range. Booster needed.

  • I’ll be flying to Tokyo in a few weeks and I’ll definately buy one! Then I’ll rig the button to continuously jam all the phones around me. What joy!

  • these are great I will be using these when mugging people so that they will not be able to call for help on their mobile phones. Gives me those all important getaway seconds.

    • if your going to mug someone, why not take there phone too…

  • This certainly beats walking around carrying a HERF gun! That damned magnetron weighed too much! Woo hoo!

  • Michael – If your mugging efforts are defeated by cell phones, then consider taking their cell phone while mugging them! The cell phone isn’t the answer to crime. Spending time with your kids would probably be more effective.

  • yeah but will this work on the phone system in the states such as GSM 800Mhz phones?

  • This will open up a lot of liability issues. What if you stop a 911 call in progress? What if you stop a parent from talking to an injured child at home? Or someone hearing their spouse tell them they love them as die from a car wreck that just happened? I know these are outlier cases, but if you get caught jamming a call like this, it could ruin lives, including your own. Being able to screw with annoying people is fun, but it may not be worth the cost. And that might be enough to make it illegal.

    • Who gives a sh!t? I want rf jammers for police signals so the next time one pulls me over on a dark road I can jam his signal, blow his brains out, take his little black box and peace out. Woot…

    • Might even stop those nice drug dealers from making those important deals that ruin society!

    • i think the best important use would be while driving on the freeway. People would not be able to drive while talking on the phone, thus negating their ability to endanger your life through being distracted by their conversation.

  • Sure beats having to punch the loudmouth in the face!! How did the human race survice before cell phones?

  • Damn Frank, way to be morbid.

    I see the best college prank ever.

    I’ll take two.

  • Frank, if they are doing any of these loudly they deserve to be jammed.

  • Frank is right… the critical usefulness of cell phones far outweighs their abuse by loudmouths.

    This jammer won’t be made legal in the U.S., and God Bless America for that. It infringes way too much on others’ rights. And no one has a right to prank – sorry r3dn3ck.

  • Too bad it doesn’t support USA Carrier networks so it won’t work in the US. :(

  • you people are all geeks and need to get outside and get some ass


  • This would be great when seeing next to you drive like idiots while on the phone. I would love this device for that reaason alone.

  • This Country lost its freedoms long ago. Approve that baby, it will get that jerk that cant pay attention to where he is driving off the dam phone. In fact this little baby will be my new hood ornament

  • that is so awesome! but i wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  • There’ll be hacks on this and DIYers should be able to make some… Laws or no laws. :-D

  • Expensive? $71 is not expensive…

  • the site is freakin expensive! u can get the same thing in other shops on rakuten for 4880 yen…… (-_-;)

  • Most controlled substance stings are done via digital recording with redundantly taped RF transmition. Some are being done with new cell phones, standard or special, they accomplish the same task. What a nice bug jammer ;-) seems a bit expensive

  • These exist for sale now. The only difference is that these are portable.

    I’ve walked into lobbys of Federal agencies and watched the cell phone bars drop immediately in the doorway from 5 to zero.

  • Not only won’t it work in the US, but it would have to be adapted to be useful in the US in such ways that would make a it a lot more expensive. It would have to cover CDMA 850, PCS 1900, GSM 900, 1800, iDEN 850, and analog 850. That’s just too much to have to carry around and likely not powerful enough to do what it would be intended to do. Would it be a good thing for individuals to have jammers? Probably not. I do think that perhaps churches and similar places should be able to employ them from time to time, but that would be very tricky to make an effective exemption for them.

  • Jamming any signal in the US is illegal PERIOD.

  • Jammin’ in the name of the Lord!

  • $71 for an RF jammer…I can build one for less than $10. With a couple hundred bucks I could get a nearly a one mile radius. If you really want to cut off peoples phone calls on the road, just change your sparkplug wires to straight copper. (Don’t expect your radio to work with the engine running anymore)

    • kan je voor mij een jammer maken die de winkel poortjes uitschakeld of plat licht of verstoord

  • Aye man….

    We be Jammin’

  • This is not the kind of jamming I meant…


    Screw loud mouthed idiots on their mobiles…

    Jam them to fuck

  • This is awesome!

  • Seems good for humor, but I don't think it would be right to have a theaters and churches and such. Now-a-days most people turn their phones off or to vibrate. The only people that I've seen that gets on a phone during them times are people that just had an emergency happen or it was a work related call, and 9/10 times they leave the room on the spot, so not to interupt and so they can hear the call.

    I'd like to Jam idiots on the phone in cars too, but once you Jam them, they're going to drive worse, trying to figure out what just happened and trying to call them back. They're going to spend all that time not looking at the road.

  • I just picked up a jammer from and used it in the mall….OMG, so much fun!

  • There are similar products

  • this is not a full frequency jammer, because it has only one channel, the more cell phone jammer inf. please browse

  • portable wirelessphonejammer,medium power and super high power jammer,browse

  • I tried this cell phone jammer and the range was really weak. It would be very cool if it had a longer range.

  • Yeah, block that signal, take her cell phone, blow a wad in her throat, make her swallow and PEACE OUT

  • Cool , I Want to get it .

  • waar kan ik zon portable undercuver jammer kopen die de winkel poortjes even plat licht

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