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Red’s Holiday Giveaway – Week 3

Did you like last week’s Holiday Giveaway? While it was good, I thought that we could make things a little more interesting. After all, if you haven’t done your shopping by now, you must be getting a little worried. December is upon us, after all. Well don’t worry, the Christmas Ferret is here, and he’s got a bag full of goodies. Just like before, we’ll have two prize packs. One for Twitter and one for Facebook. Check out the goodies we have in store for you:

Facebook Prize Pack

You’ve got a Bluetooth smartphone, and it’s got all of your music on it. But how do you magically get your music from the phone to your stereo? That’s easy, just use the Kanex AirBlue. This battery-powered gadget will stream up to 10 hours worth of tunes to your home or car stereo.

Want to listen to your music in more of a private setting? You’ll love Wicked Audio’s 3D line of headphones. No, they won’t let you hear in 3D, but rather, the unique designs are raised so you can feel them, rather than just having a paint job. If you’ve never checked out Wicked’s lineup before, these are great budget headphones.

Watches are a fashionable way to tell the time, but sometimes they can also serve another useful purpose. Take this FINIS Swimsense, for instance. This watch isn’t just waterproof, it’s meant to be taken in the pool with you. It keeps track of what you’re doing in the water via motion sensor, and gives you useful information about your water workout. Program the pool size, and it can give you lap times, stroke count, and more.

Do you use a GPS when you’re out on the fairway? They can be quite handy for finding specific distances, rather than just eyeing it. Well if you do, you might be happy to have this Bracketron Golf GPS Mount. It clips onto your golf bag, and will hold any GPS or phone. After all, no one wants to carry a bulky phone in their pocket while golfing, as it might throw off your swing.

Your smartphone needs to stay protected from the elements (and clumsy hands), but you want it to look fashionable, and still fit in your pocket. If you’ve got the Samsung S2 or an iPhone 4/4S, then the AGF Magnate is what you’re looking for. The durable, yet flexible thermoplastic polyurethane material keeps it safe, while the leather-inlay on the rear keeps it looking good.

Twitter Prize Pack

If you’ve got a laptop, you need a laptop stand. Some might argue against it, but if you use it anywhere but your lap, you have things to worry about like heat and ergonomics. What’s that, you don’t want to carry around a bulky stand? This AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand shows that stands don’t have to be huge to work. This stand folds flat, and weighs just 5.5 ounces. However, it will lift your notebook up to keep it cool, and angled where you need it.

Talking on a cellphone without a hands-free device is illegal in many states. Which is one of several reasons why this SuperTooth HD will come in handy. Using Bluetooth, it will act as a hands-free unit, providing you a way to talk, text, update Facebook, and even listen to the music in the car.

Not sure how to tell people that you’re a Marvel fan, while listening to your favorite tunes? With a pair of Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones, you can make sure that you love either Punisher, Hulk, Iron Man, or the X-men.

In the business world people still wear watches, even though everyone has a clock on their phone. If you want to maintain some of your geeky identity while working in a world of suits and ties, you’ll need this Cadence 4-Bit Watch. Each hour is depicted by a series of four bars, which are colored in. To the average Joe, it just looks like an interesting face. But the geeks that see your watch will know that those four bars represent binary numbers. Instant high-five.

When you fly, there’s almost always at least one bag that you have to check. If you don’t want just anyone poking through your stuff, you’ll just snap a lock on the zipper. However, the TSA is allowed to check inside your bag, as a part of their safety screenings. Unless you have an approved lock, they’ll just cut it right off, defeating the purpose of locking the suitcase entirely. With one of these Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks, they’ll be able to open it, and safely lock it back in place when they’re done.

So how do you win these fabulous prizes? It’s pretty simple, really. If you’re interested in the Twitter Prize Pack, just make sure you’re following @theredferret and tweet at us about wanting to win. If the Facebook Prize Pack is more your style, just like our page, and drop a note on The Red Ferret Facebook wall saying you want to win. Next Friday we’ll select a winner for each, and notify them accordingly. You’ll have two weeks to claim your prize, if you don’t we’ll pick a new winner.� And if you want to keep track of our weekly Holiday Giveaways, just use the handy button over on the right. Good luck!

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