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Roll-a-Bout – the crutch replacement with wheels


The Roll-A-Bout is a replacement for the crutch or walker, designed for those with leg or feet injuries below the knee. Just rest the knee and leg on the cushions and propel yourself along using the brake to adjust speed. Several models even have steering. Not sure how practical these things are when you’re faced with stairs though (the old Dalek conundrum) but I do like the little shopping basket up front. Cute. Priced from $599.00.

 The Roll-A-Bout is best suited for those who have injuries below the knee. This includes heel spurs, diabetic ulcers, infections, fractures, dislocations, Charcot Foot, Ruptured tendons, sprained ankles, or where a lower leg surgical operation is necessary. Patients with amputations, arthritis, or with a neuromuscular problem may also benefit from the stability of the Roll-A-Bout.


  • The Roll-A-Bout is in fact a marvellous device.

    I first encountered it in the mid-1990s. My spouse broke her foot, and the medical supply store rented her a Roll-A-Bout instead of crutches. It was great! She could roll faster than most people could walk. It was easy to use, and fun. When she broke her foot *again* (delicate bones, you know) a couple of years later, she was happy for the chance to use the scooter again.

    And she will still stop crutch-using strangers on the street to tell them about this wonderful Roll-A-Bout device, because no-one should have to settle for crutches.

  • give me a break (literally!) this contraption is no more than a tricycle with a pillow attached. Seriously people,,,,,,,,,599.00 for that.

  • Its not a tricycle. Its a specialty medical device to keep weight off an injured leg. For the purpose for which it is designed, it does the job well – and it gives people a semblance of independence. The reason for the high price is – how often does one get injured? Medical insurance should cover the cost and if not it can be rented out or bought on eBay for a fraction of the listed price.

  • There are many other knee walkers available that cost much less if you want to purchase one. I currently use a knee roller that I have rented from a local medical supply. They rent for 15/day, 35/wk or 75/month. Amazon has multiple types of knee roillers including one with a seat for folks with knee or whole leg problems. Crutches are impossible for me to use so the knee roller is the only way for me to get around.

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