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Schr�dinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker uses science to answer your questions

Making decisions can be pretty tough sometimes. When you have two options that both have a similar amount of pros and cons, it can seem like a coin toss would almost be the best way to solve the matter. But how scientific is that method, really? Sure, there’s a true 50/50 chance, but if someone asks how you came to your final conclusion, is that what you really want to tell them? If you want there to be more of a scientific explanation behind your decision, you should try using quantum mechanics. Specifically, the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. That’s right, I’m talking about Schr�dinger’s cat.

If you’re not a science nerd, and aren’t familiar with Schr�dinger, or his cat, I’ll point you to this Wikipedia entry. After you give that a quick read, you’ll understand why this would be the perfect way to make a decision. Of course, obtaining the radioactive material and cyanide necessary to complete the experiment is not an easy task. And that says nothing of how inhumane it would be to use a real cat. That’s why ThinkGeek has put together their own Schr�dinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker.

This box simulates the experiment that Erwin Schr�dinger proposed all those long years ago. When you open the box, you’ll either see a cat that either dead, or alive. Assume that alive means yes, while dead means no, and you’ve got yourself a great decision maker. And when someone wants to know how you came to your conclusion, just tell them that you used science, and asked a cat. This scientific tool will set you back just $30, and only requires 3 AA batteries to operate.

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