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Skype gets a Jumper.


The MPLAT Jumper S100 Personal Gateway. Yet another box which lets you use your standard landline phone as a Skype phone. Clever bits include call forwarding to your mobile phone, 3 way conferencing between Skype and standard PSTN calls, voice recording and voice mail. $49.90.

 The MPLAT Jumper S100 is a personal gateway between USB Port and regular telephone port (RJ11) for Skype Voice communication. It will setup the brigde between your skype call and PSTN Call, You will obtain more convenience and freedom, Keep all your tranditional experince, improve the feeling of using the skype. Make and receive Skype calls using your regular telephone,support cordless phone, ordinary answering machine,refreshing your existed telephone built-in features such as handfree,speed dial, redial, mute.


  • so, how does it work?

    do you hook it up to a router? the site doesn’t have much info on it that i can find..

  • hey ‘thewebguy’ dumbass.

    it’s a bridge between your computer and phone.


  • Now now, be nice! :-) Yeah you plug it into the USB port on your PC and plug your landline phone into the other port and the other end into your landline socket in the wall. When you want to make a Skype call you use your standard home phone. The clever bit is that the box can be programmed to forward incoming Skype calls to your mobile phone. The conferencing sounds pretty cool too.

  • Really kind of high priced if you ask me. Really not that difficult to make something similar to that on your own for a lot less money. Would I pay $20-30 for something like that, predone? Yes. $100? No.

  • Oops, sorry. $50. Still high.

  • you cheap ass,you’d rather build it because of 20 bucks LOL get a real job dude

  • “The clever bit is that the box can be programmed to forward incoming Skype calls to your mobile phone.”

    The Skype software does this already in “Tools\Options\Call Forwarding & Voicemail, Forward Calls when I’m not on Skype”. It allows for up to three potentional forward numbers. There’s no need for such functionality on the bridge.

  • To thewebguystupid

    dude, he’s not a dumbass. What if you had a computer box between this skype box and the router, but you put the computer and this skype box in the same box. Then you would have one box between your phone and your router.

    rock and roll

  • skype built in forwarding only allows forwarding to other skype numbers.

  • Skype built-in forwarding allows for forwarding to any number via skypeout. Skypeout calls to US and Canada are free til the end of the year, so that works pretty well. I suppose if your landline and cell were in the same local calling area, this call forwarding would be helpful.

  • Its the same as this model AU-600 from the Chinese Atcom.
    Its been around for a long time

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