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Gadgets March 17, 2012 posted by

Thermospatula makes sure you cook safe, cook happy

Sounding like something you’d expect to see in a horror movie, Thermospatula is a clever little gadget that combines a stirrer/scraper with a neatly embedded digital thermometer. The idea is you should never ruin a perfectly good recipe just because you failed to keep the ingredients at the right temperature.

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Gadgets March 6, 2012 posted by

This Safe Kitchen Timer turns your fridge into a statement of appreciation

There are some things which are too precious for words. Diamonds, 24 carat gold jewellery, an invitation to one of Kim Kardashian’s weddings. But for us here, there’s nothing to compare to some good old home cooking, lovingly prepared, and savoured over several meals. What you throw away leftovers? Tsk. OK so foodstuffs may not be as intrinsically valuable as a pearl necklace (ever tried exchanging a lasagna for some movie tickets?) but we’ll stick with our choice.

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Gadgets March 3, 2012 posted by

Hutlzer Banana Slicer saves your fingers but shows up your poor knife skills

When the archaeologists come to dig out the remains of our civilisation, one of the things they’re going to find most puzzling is this Hutzler Banana Slicer contraption. Why, they’re going to ask in hushed tones, would an otherwise advanced civilisation with superior tool handling skills, why would they need to employ a yellow piece of plastic to slice such an innocently soft fruit as the banana? Experts of the period will shrug their shoulders and add it to their growing list of…

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