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Taga Trike Baby Stroller Combo – now mum can have her bike and beat it


The Taga Trike Baby Stroller combines the clunky utility of an urban tricycle with the darn useful convertibility of a baby buggy. So now mum can ride to the shops, get off, do a quickie conversion and push baby round the store without having to break stride. Almost.


The video makes it look almost too easy (note how they make a strategic cut during the switch) but there’s no doubt that it’s got a whole load of usefulness packed into the concept there. You can even stealth it onto a train or bus. The only thing missing is a funky basket for all the shopping. Priced at £1,495.00 and available in a variety of colours.

 Taga is a multifunction urban vehicle, uniquely designed to suit the needs of today’s parents and children. Taga combines the benefits of a premium stroller and a carrier bicycle to create a new form of transport. Taga lets you both move around easily, turning a typical day into an exciting adventure. On arrival, Taga converts in seconds into a stroller, allowing parent and child to carry on their day. There’s no need to lock Taga outside and nothing is left behind.


  • It is a cool design and all but it is hopelessly impractical as anything but a bike (and obviously expensive). It is hopelessly wide for an indoor stroller (not many stores have wide aisles and no other people around) and would mean knocking people out of the way if it was used on the sidewalk (maybe that is selling point for some). Also, everything has to be doable with one hand if you have a little one about and the conversions would be too time and attention consuming. Presumably to catch a bus you have to be near a road so you would have to hold the little one with one hand and fold up this contraption with the other. Good Luck! Then, of course, no one else could ride the bus or tube with you as you have some 3 foot wide monstrosity clogging up public transport.

  • I've used it as both a bike and stroller in a busy shopping centre in London. It was fine, it would even fit in an elevator that I thought would be too small easily. It's actually only about 73cm (28 inches) wide. As for the conversion, the seat stands up on its own when taken off the chassis, which means your child can sit back and watch you transform from stroller to bike and vice versa. It will fit on a train no problem and on most buses outside of rush hour. Basically, floormaster, it works for me and is nowhere near as unwieldy or impractical as you think!

  • Ah yes, a mobile baby impact attenuator.

  • A very cool and safe urban tricycle…

  • The Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle is a US product that can be used as a carrier bicycle, stroller, jogger, bicycle, or trailer.

  • Hi there, I work for Taga and the UK and thanks for all your comments. We find that our users are really adept at converting from bike to pushchair and once they see the advantages of being able to cycle, shop and travel, taking their Taga with them at all times, they do not use either a regular pushchair or bike – just the Taga.
    There are inevitably compromises that have to be made to incorporate all the features of both modes but the functionality and lifestyle benefits outweighs these minor details.
    Well done Jessame, you are at the forefront of the Taga revolution in family eco-transportation – enjoy!

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