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Tapeworm Diet – lose weight fast, at a price


We need a yeeuw tag here really, so don’t read on if you’re a bit squeamish. Apparently if you are desperate enough to lose weight, you can invest your cash in something called the Tapeworm Diet. Yes that’s right, you can buy eggs from the specific Taenia saginata species of worm, and then ingest them to start your weight loss program.

We’re not going to go into detail here, because we’re not far from lunchtime, suffice to say that the diet apparently relies on the fact that the worm inside your gut feeds on the food you eat before you do. So you basically get no benefit, while the worm grows nice and plump. Lose weight naturally they say. Oh dear!


One thing we’d suggest is not to forget the thing once it’s inside your body, because they can grow rather large and live for decades in there. Luckily the site which sells them also gives you the cure which is a single tablet of praziquantel, which removes the worm on demand. Even so. We’re going to suggest very strongly that you try just cutting down on carbs rather than something this drastic. Not to mention the fact it’s expensive, at £55 an egg.


  • Lotta nopes here.

  • Love the idea, kidding you not! An organic way to lose weight by employing a little helper instead of using chemicals and whatnot and lots of sacrifices… Get rid of it after 8 weeks though (the time it takes the tapeworm to mature and until it starts shedding its eggs.)

  • Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me?!?!?! There is no way in God’s green earth I am letting a parasite grow inside me just to shed a few pounds. I mean, come ON!!!! What if the cure pill is bad, and that little loch Ness monster growing in your stomach decides it’s time to populate your lower intestines with millions of little baby creepies. Over time, I’d imagine I’d feel those things squirming inside of me, maybe poking out during my morning *ahem* ablutions when I wipe and feeling it’s slimy freaking body growing out of me like an unwanted tail. Yeah, um. No. No, no, no, and hell no.

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