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Tattoo removing laser.


The YAG Cosmetic Laser. Apparently this water cooled laser gizmo will remove tattoos without pain, marking the skin or leaving a stain. Really?

 # No Pain, No Destroy Skin # Cure Throughly, No Mark # Convenient, Portable…APPLICATIONS Coloring skin: get rid of embroider-eyebrow,tattoo.


  • Such a shame this blog appears to have more google ads than it does content. Why have you placed ads as the first thing you see on the homepage? Have you forgotten why you created a blog in the first place?

  • Sorry about that dude. Hosting costs. A lot. And er as far as I can tell we run a LOT less ads than just about everyone else out there.

  • “Hosting costs. A lot”. that is a lie, hosting is not that expensive, just say the truth, like everybody else you like money.

  • LOL. Yeah Greender, that’s what I thought too when I started this little hobby of mine 6 years ago. I started off on a free server. Then moved to a $5.00 a month server, then when traffic started building moved to Lunarpages at $7 a month, then when traffic built more and I had to move to WordPress to provide the kind of site I wanted I moved to Textdrive, then when that failed I moved to PowerVPS as a virtual private server at…oh…over a hundred dollars a month. And then when that failed I had to move to our very own dedicated server cluster to cope with everything, and believe me, that costs.

    And as for liking money. :-) Yeah well I know it may seem hard to believe, but money is not the most important commodity in my life by a long way. Time is. I can always get some cash from somewhere if I work hard enough, but once that hour has gone from my life, it’s gone for good. Won’t be back. Heh, sermon over.

    Believe me if I really liked money you would see 10 x the number of adverts on this site. They’d be everywhere, sidebar, top banner, footer banners, blinking icons, smileys, flash video, pop up ‘you are in danger’ boxes, give me your money donation boxes, Help me now, I’m starving and the roof is caving in boxes, please if you don’t give me money I’ll have to eat the cat boxes…..and so on. You get the picture. :-)

  • red, i am at your side. If it is shared hosting package, it wont cost a lot. But if it is Dedicated server, then it is very expensive. I believe every technology and gadget blogs have ads. Because we need to have some ads to support the hosting fee and some pocket money. this website has less ads. very clean. Many of the top and famous website do have ads. They provide the information to you for free and they need to have ads to support it, such as the free email from gmail, hotmail, yahoo and etc.. they do have ads.

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