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The 20 Coolest Ruby Apps you’ve never heard of…


The 20 Coolest Ruby on Rails Applications You’ve Never Heard Of.

  • NativeText. Human translation of RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts to give global syndication? Whoa!
  • ClickGrid. Pixel advertising gets the advertising network treatment. Allocate a bit of your website, set your price per pixel, profit! Very interesting!
  • BigCartel. A free online store for your website. Complete with PayPal, multiple currencies and customised headers. Nice!
  • CrispyNews. Fascinating app where you start your own news community (e.g. American Idol) where you post news items, readers vote and you earn through ad revenue sharing. A very powerful concept! 
  • BillMonk. Track your loans to and from friends. So far so normal, but the cool bit is that you can SMS transactions as they happen so no-one forgets. Mercenary, moi?
  • Deep Quote. Create links to specific quotes on web pages. No more sending fuzzy links on articles to friends, pinpoint the actual interesting quote. Excellent app in a TinyURL kinda way.  
  • CommunityWalk. Lovely Google mapping app which lets you share meta information on a map that you create. Tourist attractions, earthquake hotspots; you think of it, it can be done. Social mapping done brilliantly!
  • Guruza. Great implementation of the fee based question/answer service. The live IM function means that answers can be obtained instantly, which is pretty cool. Well thought out!
  • Kenlet. Another question/answer site, but more tech based along the Experts Exchange model. Useful.
  • Oh, Don’t Forget. Have SMS reminders sent to your mobile phone to remind you of anything and everything. Useful in your face application.
  • LoanBack. Need a loan from a friend, or want to provide one to a family member? Forget about lawyers, just stump up $14.95 and get a slick legal contract drawn up via the online wizard. It’s got a great loan calculator too. Neat.
  • Invitika. More evidence of the increasing convergence between online and mobile tech, this event planner and sharing app lets you mobilize – geddit? – your friends and events easily. Complete with blog, and photo gallery feature.
  • Scratch n’Scribble. Go online, choose a real card and have it handwritten and sent to the person of your choice. Yes, it’s…gasp…snail mail. But 21st century style. Postal!
  • Just Budget. Free online service lets you track expenses and manage your personal budget. Remember though, it’s only as good as the data you put in!
  • Sidewalk. Another online form creator, like wufoo, but this one is up and running now. $3.00 a month gives you all the cool, customised forms you could ever want or need. Unless you’re a taxman!
  • Clever domain names aside, this project tracking service looks genuinely useful, especially for small businesses. Demanding customers can log on anytime with their token and see where their project stands in your timeline. Which must be happy, eh? 
  • RSSForward. RSS feeds to email. Nice subscribe button feature for publishers to put on their sites gives it a bit of extra sparkle.
  • SoapBx. Another day, another online PowerPoint type presentation generator. Can’t say it’s quite the definitive version as yet, but a good start.
  • Quimble. A very nice little online poll generator. Quick, easy and a snap to embed onto your web site. A great little application.
  • Open Web Letter. Publish and share your open letter on the web. Nice interface and public tags means this is probably a great way to get even after you get mad.


  • Wufoo actually launched last week.

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  • Is WuFoo a rails app?

    They are from my hometown :)

  • Actually Rich I’m not sure if it is a Rails app. Don’t think so. I just mentioned it because they do the same thing. Forms. :-)

  • Hello All,

    I am the person behind Deep Quote. Happy to hear that you like it.

    If there is anything you would like me to change, any features you would like me to add, please drop me a line.

    I have been considering adding user registration for a while now – so that one could have a Deep Quote account and save a catalog of quotes, share quotes, sort quotes by tag, and so forth – all that ‘Web2.0’ stuff – but I don’t have any idea of what the demand is for something like this, and I would rather keep Deep Quote simple and light than add features that it doesn’t need. In order to resolve this problem, I have started querying bloggers who link to Deep Quote, in hope that some of them will share their thoughts.

    Thanks for the link, and thanks in advance to all who wish to help with Deep Quote product development. BTW, Deep Quote is not commercial, nor do I have any intention of it ever being so. I have the same ROI expectations of Deep Quote that I have of my cat. That said, if someone wants to buy Deep Quote, offer away. My cat, on the other hand, is not for sale. :)


  • One more for you: Social Bookmarking on Rails.

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