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The Anti DVT Seat.


The Anti DVT Best Seat. When we were but small ferrets there were no such thing as DVT. But now, along with peanut allergy, it’s spreading the globe. We blame the air-conditioning and dry martoonis. Anyhoo, this constantly fluctuating air pressure seat is apparently the state of the art prevention device you’ve all been looking for. Honest. And at $225.00 it’s just a *tad* more expensive than a pair of those ghastly socks.

 The brand new Best Seat uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled pump and valve system that alternates air pressure within its chambers to “lift and shift” the points where your body comes in contact with the airline seat, so your circulation is continually enhanced. Internal batteries for the tiny, built-in pump last 50 hours before needing a recharge…so you’ll arrive at your destination without ever having said “I’m tired of sitting!”


  • You may consider DVT to be one of the new “pseudo-diseases” but after having spent 2 1/2 months hospitalized including 2 “life threatening events”, I and many others don’t find DVT amusing.
    My episode was in 1986; particularily frightening was a) being told nobody had any idea what caused it, and b) the number of people who later said “oh yah, I know that; my uncle, neighbor etc. died of it.”

  • Ah apologies William, didn’t mean to make light of anyone’s pain. I only meant to say that we didn’t worry about those sorts of things in my youth, so perhaps it was ignorance rather than ‘pseudo science’. I also do not understand where peanut allergies came from, or Yuppie flu or a bunch of other 21st century things which have arrived with the onset of our more harried lifestyle. Apologies again.

  • Just standing up during a flight and walking the aisle for 20 seconds twice an hour would decrease the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) much more than this silly machine.

    In a DVT, the deep veins of the lower legs form a clot due to various factors including the blood not moving. By using the leg muscles, the blood is pumped back to the heart , keeping the blood moving.

    This little seat barely touches the upper legs and doesn’t help the lower legs at all. Clearly this is a waste of money from a DVT perspective, you should only buy it if you think a motorized air cushion would make for a more comfortable ride. (I can only assume that the comfort of the pad is more than offset by the annoying noise of the motor.)

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