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The Bates Method – restore your eyesight naturally without surgery, drugs or glasses?


In the early 1900s ophthalmologist William Bates developed a system – the Bates Method – for restoring poor eyesight without external aids. His treatment is based around the idea that tension and strain make poor vision worse, and so he spent his time teaching his patients – often for free – how to relax mentally and physically and thereby see better. The full course and his book are available online for free. It is, of course, all rather controversial. Fascinating stuff.

 Conditions for which glasses are normally prescribed such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and even presbyopia (old-age sight) have been eliminated through this method, as well as conditions such as strabismus and amblyopia. “Eye strain” and other discomforts of the eye brought about by misuse have be eliminated. More serious conditions and diseases of the eye such as cataract, glaucoma and others, often involve unnecessary tension that contributes to the problem, there have been many cases in which they have been benefited or eliminated.

“I haven’t been trained as a Bates teacher, nor as a vision teacher of any related method. In fact, I’ve only had one in-person lesson from a Bates teacher. What i know is based largely on my own experience. I’ve compared my knowledge with Dr. Bates’s writings, the writings of others, the experiences of other modern people who have partially or completely cleared up their vision problems, and the way normal-sighted and non-normal-sighted people function (visually and otherwise). I have verified for myself beyond doubt that this method works and that the process of seeing clearly is exactly as Dr. Bates described.”


  • Apparently, quackery:

  • If you believe anything Stephen Barrett publishes on Quackwatch is true you deserve to not benefit from this extraordinary technique. I personally have used it help me eliminate the need for glasses and thousands of my patients have also used it. Bates was a genius.

  • This is quite ironic since I ruined my eyesight with the masturbates method.

  • Tried it and it doesn’t work. Don’t fall for this scam.

  • i did not know what this method was, but 45 years ago,
    i was trained to see without my heavy glasses. i had very
    bad eyesight and wore continually increasing prescription
    eyeglasses, that is, until i was given a set of dominoes and
    taught to learn to relax my eyes and practice seeing these
    individual tiles, placed all over my room. before two weeks
    i quit wearing my glasses for good, and still have normal
    vision without them, even at 62.

    thanks for the article!

  • i ll try it!!!

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  • This work's no doubt about it!

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