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The Hiccup Stick – banish embarrassing hiccups in seconds


There’s probably nothing more embarrassing than being caught with a massive attack of the hiccups in a public place. Not only are they loud, but it’s pretty obvious that you’re out of control which makes the whole thing even more traumatic. And don’t even get us started with holding our breath and counting to 1000, you ever had that work when people are watching? Nope.

Well it seems like our troubles are over, fellow sufferers, thanks to an ingenious device called The Hiccup Stick. This small tool works in a deceptively simple way. Just place it in the mouth longways and bite down and drink a cup of water at the same time. Within seconds the hiccups stop.


Apparently the device works by causing the throat muscles to tense, which in turn stops the spasms in your diaphragm which create the dreaded ‘hics’ from happening. Job done. The small plastic tool doesn’t obstruct the airway or throat while you’re drinking, and so passes the ‘won’t kill you’ test with flying colors. The only thing we’re wondering is whether we could save the money and simply bite down on a twig, but we’re probably missing something important.

Anyhoo, the product is available now for $19.99 for a set of three.


  • What’s wrong with the old fashion way….. A teaspoon of sugar in the mouth …… :-)

    • Wow, not heard of that one. :) Not too good for the dieters I guess? :)

  • This is crap. Just hold your breath and take 4-5 good sized gulps of water and you'll get the EXACT same effect. Holding your breath stretches out your diaphragm to help it stop spasaming while the drinking does as this article says and also helps the diaphragm from spasaming.

    But you can't sell holding your breath and drinking water so they come up with some $0.01 piece of plastic that does nothing then sell that to you.

    Everyone involved with this product from it's "inventor" to the marketers, manufacturer and people in this commercial should all be locked up for scamming people.

    • The trouble is holding your breath etc is often pretty hit or miss. So people are willing to try other solutions. Can't blame someone for trying to make money off it, if people are willing to pay?

  • I've been promoting my hiccup cure for decades. Every hiccup cure is actually the same cure. It's mental.

    • Hah, I love it Jeff. Classically simple. I'll definitely give it a go next time I get some 'cups. :)

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