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The iPhone Roadmap – forecast through rosy tinted lenses


Just for fun I’ve been toying with a tongue in cheek iPhone roadmap for a few days. But it is this excellent and extremely well thought out iPhone market evaluation from Tomi Ahonen that has inspired me to publish it. [Thanks to Information Architects for the above image.]

iPhone Roadmap

IphonerealJune 29 2007. iPhone launch. 750,000 sold in first week. Steve Jobs dubs it “the most successful Apple launch of all time”. Price $600.00 for 8 GB model with 2 megapixel camera, 2.5 G, 7 hours talk time.


Iphone5Oct 15 2007 – iPhone cx launched, Europe model. Thinner, longer battery life, 16 GB capacity, 3 megapixel camera, new Flash application support, improved on-screen keyboard. Original iPhone price lowered to $450.00. New model retail – $555.00.


Iphone9bJune 12 2008 – iPhone vx launched worldwide. With 5 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens, 3.5G, integrated web 2.0 application support built in for editing/reading Office documents. New subscription based online office suite launched called Apple Office.  New retail price $650.00

Iphone8October 17 2008 – iPhone gx launched. GPS integration, 20 GB storage, microSD slot, revamped touchscreen technology and software. 5 megapixel camera, ‘pseudo-HD’ quality video and integration with iMovie. Steve Jobs hails it as “the best mobile phone ever made” and announces 500,000 users of new Apple Office portal. Retail price $499.00.

December 20 2008 – Apple brushes off reports of security problems with iPhone O/S. Quietly releases updated patch for extreme vulnerability 7 weeks later.

Iphone6July 19 2009 – iPhone mx launched. Improved battery life to 50 hours talk/play time, integrated FM transmitter to beam music to Hi-Fi and car radios, 40 GB storage, Apple MusicBox flat rate iTunes subscription service introduced (all you can eat tracks for $39.99 a month). Streaming music service also introduced to buy and download over the air immediately. Retail price $350.00 with contract. SJ announces “over 10 million iPhones sold to date, fastest sales ramp up in Apple’s history.”

IphoneminiOct 22 2009 – iPhone Mini launched. Smaller cheaper version of gx and mx models, with 20 GB storage, 3 megapixel camera, access to Apple MusicBox and Last.FM integration. iPhone mx and gx price lowered to $295.00 and $375.00 respectively. Jobs announces 1.5 million users of Apple Office and 500,000 users of Apple MusicBox. Retail price $199.00


Iphone2July 4 2010 – iPhone Nexus launched. After 7 months of intensive hype, media frenzy and rumour, Jobs unveils “the most revolutionary handheld device every made”. The iPhone Nexus is a handheld 3.5G, GPS, FM transmitter phone and music player with 100 GB on board storage, twin SIM cards, microSD, 100 hour playback/talk, integrated nano-projector with virtual keyboard. 10 megapixel camera with 2 x optical zoom and ‘super flash’. Jobs also announces 3 million Apple Office users, and 2 million Apple MusicBox users. Retail price $995.00.

UniversallogoSeptember 21 2010 – Apple Corp agrees merger plans with  Universal Music and Sony Pictures Entertainment in three way mega media tie up for content and hardware. Steve Jobs calls it “the biggest revolution in media and communications that the world has ever seen.” Apple shares soar on the news.


  • Oh! But you forgot the class action lawsuit in August 20 2008, regarding the original iPhone’s exploding battery, and failed logic board! Or heck, the glass-“lens”-screen-easily-scratched-up-lawsuit(ala nano style) (especially now that lay-people have been lead to believe (in directly, of course) a glass screen can forgo any plastic screen protectors).

    When you market to an expensive device to people with money, expectations run high. Let’s hope their Quality Assurance people over in China can keep up with their jobs (while being paid pennies), and the Quality Inspection people don’t get out sourced.

    Steve Jobs reality distortion aura, for the win!
    Spin, spin, spin!

  • Heh, heck no. I deliberately kept those rose tinted lenses firmly on my nose. The security scare was my one moment of weakness…

  • Kainnon, go back to your perch in Ballmer’s underwear.

    signed, aapl owner, money spinner.

  • Far Future:

    Steve Jobs wins Presidency
    Pope announces iBible the salvation of the technically addicted youth

    Or not

  • Great Scott! Technology gets more advanced over time!

    Great job Nostradamus

  • (yes my post above is in jest just in case you were wondering, love the blog, just having a pissy fit about all this iPhone hoopla)

  • Heh, that’s cool Stefan, no offense taken. I’m with you on the hoopla stuff, which is why my reaction is to laugh at it a bit, so we all realise that perhaps it’s not *that* important in the grand scheme of things. :-)

  • That was funny, but quiet realistic too. Will be interesting to see which one of those predictions actually turn out to be true.

    Meanwhile, here’s another realistic forecast for an iPhone-like convergence device. This was written long before I heard of any iPhone rumors: Notes from the future – My Buddy

  • Oh, come now, ron.

    If you wanted to make more money is taking wagers, and giving odds out regarding the iPhone.

    It's all in good fun here, untill something started eating at your shorts.

    btw, Mr. Red, where abouts does a ferret go to get a pair of glasses?

  • Rose tinted ones are on special offer at Best Buy I believe, Kainnon. :-)

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