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The Ultra Wide AOC AG493UCX Monitor [Review]

This super ultra wide 49-inch monitor is 5120pixels wide. Which really means you have two 2K monitors side by side.


Let’s address the ‘elephant in the room’. This screen is big. Very big. It’s 119cm wide or 46.8 inches. Since this is a super ultra wide monitor, it compares to having two monitors side by side. However, one thing I don’t like about this, is that you have no real freedom of positioning. With two monitors you can choose how you position them, this is just the one of course. On the other hand, you won’t have any issues with cables and power sockets you need for the double setup. Just make sure you have enough room for this big beast.

There’s a VESA mount on the back, in case you want to mount this somewhere.

There are several connection options on this monitor. Two HDMI ports, USB type C and two full display ports. If you want the full resolution, you’ll need the full DP 1.4. So that’s important.

Check out the full video-review here:



There are different gaming modes in the menus. I’ve tried these out, but noticed some changes in colour. You have an fps-mode, rts-mode and racing mode. The first two are pretty blue in my opinion and not really realistic. The main changes when using these modes is brightness and shadow control going up. You can change the blur reduction and adaptive sync. There’s also an option to activate low input lag.

To be honest, when I game, I don’t really tweak a lot. I mostly use the options out of the box, because I can never get the colours right. However, if you want to change the colours and settings yourself, this is possible with the three gaming modes you can choose.

For a more in-depth explanation on the colours and tests, you can go to this link!


I’m far from a competitive gamer. I like to play some shooter or sports games, but I’m not really good at anything. However, from a noobs perspective, this screen provides a really immersive experience. The ultra wide makes it really nice to have all this room to roam when playing a shooter game. Or when racing, you can really see more around you, compared to a regular screen.

I don’t really believe it makes me a better gamer, but the experience is nicer and I do feel more comfortable driving F1 for example. I noticed no real input lag when gaming, which I experienced before on some other monitors. This is one of the most important features when buying a screen for gaming.

There’s also a more technical test on input lag via the review on IGN.


For a price of around 1000$, this big monitor is actually affordable. It’s a lot of money, but don’t forget that you’re actually paying for two screens.

The experience overall was just nice. The monitor looks great, and performs well. At this price point, there are no real better monitors out there right now.

AOC GK500 – Keyboard review

This very affordable keyboard comes in at around 70$. This keyboard is metallic and very compact. It doesn’t really stand out, but does the trick for a mainstream gamer. There’s an extra wrist support in the box, which is really nice for gamers who want to game a bit ergonomic.

This is of course an RGB keyboard, which means you can have almost any colour you like on the buttons. I like red, so I chose red for gaming, but you can change everything via the AOC G-Tool on your PC. You can have colour modes or choose one colour for the keys. You can also change the macro’s for most keys.

The keys are really clickable, which I really like, but might be a bit to loose for some people. However, for the price of 70$ you can’t go wrong with this keyboard.

AOC GM500 – Mouse review

If you have a keyboard, you do need a mouse as well. The GM500 combines nicely with the GK500, for again: a very sharp price of only 25$. Again, this mouse is really customizable as well. It has a simple design and is made for left or right handed people, which is really nice as well.

There’s RGB in the housing and on the scrolling wheel and it has 8 programmable buttons. The USB cable is braided, which always gives me a more exclusive feeling. However, due to it’s symmetrical design, I don’t really find it ergonomic, especially compared to the keyboard with the wrist support.

This mouse has a max DPI of 5.000, which makes it a good starter mouse. As said, everything can be changed on this mouse as well, and for this you’ll need the AOC G-Tool, same as the keyboard. It’s not the fastest and best mouse out there, but for this price, you really can’t go wrong for a first gaming mouse.

This would be great for kids who want to have a cool gaming setup, especially if you’re not looking to spend 200$ for a good mouse.

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