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ThrustPac – the backpack wind thruster


The ThrustPac is a gasoline powered wind turbine which you strap to your back and which pushes you forward at a rather fast clip. So you get to go 35 mph on your bike at around 150 miles per gallon. Innovation thy name is wind power. Priced from $895.00.

 You put it on like a backpack and slip the CONTROL GLOVE onto your hand. Pull on the over the shoulder starter and control the speed by bending your finger to speed up and relax it to slow back to an idle!! The CONTROL GLOVE enables you to operate the handbrakes and handlebars of your bicycle, canoe paddles, ski poles or wheel chair wheels while simultaneously maintaining COMLETE CONTROL of the THRUSTPAC!! One touch of the KILL SWITCH on the CONTROL GLOVE and the motor stops!!


  • I was reading that thinking why would anyone want this get a motorcycle then I saw the “150 miles per gallon” now thats a great reason with petrol/gas prices going up all the time.

  • I am sure there are scooters that can get the similar gas mileage without the noise (the noise seems to be a deal breaker in itself), the awkwardness, the safety risks, and the weight strapped to your back of the ThrustPac.

  • I think that if they made it foldable in some way, so you could literally make it a backpack or something it might be more useful. But as Floormaster says, there are scooters that can get that kind of mileage.

  • ‘control the speed by bending your finger to speed up and relax it to slow back to an idle!!’

    That seems a bit bass ackwards. So when you put on the brakes (bending your finger) You also speed up!! Whoopeeeee.

  • Who tested the milage. Seems questionable, given the ineficiences of propellers.

  • andy, it’s all downhill, with bent fingers.

  • Andy – and the variation in body weights?

    Ron – bent back too maybe, after a while? :-)

  • Does the US plan to try and use every last drop of oil before next Tuesday?

    IT’S A BIKE!! PEDAL!!!!!

  • While great fun and a lot better than most, it’s a stretch to call it wind power. I hope they won’t try and make too much of the eco-side without recognising it’s still pumping out the exhaust.

    Bit like a Popeye cartoon I saw with him in a sailing boat ‘powered’ by a fan, or [name fossil fuel that generates the electricity here]-powered wind turbine.

  • I tryed one of these 30 years ago on a shwinn 10 speed the name of the pack was called a ski bee it pushed me close to 50 miles per hour if there is more styles and price ranges I would like to see them. I would like to try cross country skiing on one

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