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TransMaker TR10 – instantly turn your Galaxy S3 or S4 smartphone into a 10.1 inch tablet or laptop [updated with video]


There’s definitely a little bit of tension between the owners of smartphones and those who prefer carrying around larger phablets or even tablet computers. There’s no snarkiness yet, but you can sense the underlying tussle for the moral high ground, as both sides claim their solution is a better way to do things.

Well now you don’t have to go through any self-justification if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 owner, because you can simply snap your phone into the back of a TransMaker TR10 device and bingo, you’ve turned it into a full blown 10.1 inch tablet. You’re amazed aren’t you?



The cool thing is of course the fact that the tablet is also instantly a 3G or even 4G model, which means you can roam wherever you like without having to be tied to a boring old WiFi connection. Which is very cool. You can also use the Bluetooth function to hook up a wireless keyboard, which takes your humble smartphone to a whole new level in awesomeness, since it’s now not far from being a laptop computer.


All the power and glory of the processor etc comes from your phone, the TransMaker only adds a 10.1 inch 1200×800 HD Super IPS capacitive touchscreen, internal speaker, a 5000mAh battery, microUSB port, 3.5mm earphone jack and relevant buttons for navigating around Android.


The whole thing weighs in at 525g and the Bluetooth keyboard option comes with its own 6000mAh battery, so you should have plenty of computing time available to you if you’re on the move. The manufacturer, Migoal, also offers a TransMaker TR11 (above), which is an 11.6 inch tablet housing for Galaxy S3 and S4 phones, although the company has not as yet released pricing for either products.


Finally, there’s also a Bluetooth dialer available as an optional extra, which can be used to pick up and make calls with your docked Samsung phone, so you don’t have to keep slotting it in and out of the tablet dock. Clever stuff. Now why don’t more companies come up with clever products like this?


  • Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say this thing doesn’t exist.

    Migoal is a company that literally has produced nothing available for purchase; While I’m not one to dismiss start ups, they also list a fair amount of products they’ve supposedly made on their site.

    Furthermore, for this thing, the TransMaker, only showed up during IFA; There has not been a single new thing about it since (And this article is the first thing that’s come up about it since, and all it does is talk about things we knew since it’s first showing). And during IFA, all everyone showed was the hardware and how a phone fits into it; Not ONE, SINGLE, VIDEO showed the thing even powered on, let alone working.

    • Well if they dont make it someone else will eventually

    • Asus kinda did it already … Check the Asus padfon – .. Around $700 on Amazon including the smartphone

    • Yes, it definitely does look like a case of ‘let’s show a prototype and see if anyone bites.’ But maybe now it’s got some exposure they’ll crank out the product for real?

    • Yeah, I went ahead and wrote about it too….The idea is fantastic. How is this not “the thing” right now?

    • Agreed. It’s so obvious, isn’t it?

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