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TVStreamCMS – set up your own streaming movie and TV shows site for just $199…and profit?


Watching the entertainment industry struggle with the brutal reality of the modern digital world is rather like watching an ultra slow motion car crash, and it also seems strangely reminiscent of the the way the original motion picture industry fought the Edison movie monopoly back in the early 1900s. Rebels fighting a dominant group of self-serving business interests. What goes around comes around as they say, eh?

We’ve commented on it before, but now it does look as though we’re heading towards some sort of inexorable momentum from the rebel alliance, judging by the recent launches which have hit the wires. It’s not just the fact that the content sharing market has shifted gears, it’s more the fact that the guerillas are popping up all over the world, which makes it so astonishing.


Take for example the recent Popcorn Time service, which delivers a Netflix type movie streaming service using BitTorrent. Predictably the service (which originally hailed from South America, note) was quickly shut down or at least thrown off the domain name, but to date still continues to fight back through Pirate Bay type tactics. It may not work that well, but it’s still around like a thorn in the paw.


Recently the Zona service from Russia has surfaced, also offering streaming movies and also TV series, but this time not open source and also not in English. But it hasn’t stopped it getting reviewed by the English speaking blogs.

And finally, we have the ultimate tool for the streaming arena, TVStreamCMS, which doesn’t just provide a streaming service, but gives anyone the power to set up their own streaming service, which will automatically add movie and TV series content as it arrives on the airwaves. Think of it like an automated multimedia blogging system, designed to be as easy to set up as WordPress and you’re getting the idea.


We’re not told where the developer team comes from, but it’s a likely bet it’s nowhere near the US or the main Western Europe countries, and a quick look at the forums featuring the people who have paid $199 to buy the system shows that the countries range from Romania, to Pakistan, Brazil, Tunisia and beyond.

The bottom line is it looks as though we’re about to see a flood of entertainment streaming sites coming in from across the world, all streaming the mainstream movies and television series for free. Now that’s what you call a major headache for the already struggling entertainment industry, which has been trying to find its feet since the days of Napster. Spotify proves something can be done, but there’s probably not a lot of time left before the whole thing collapses under the weight of a world addicted to sharing content for free.


  • Are you for real? Guys don’t get fooled by tvstreamcms! I bought it for $300 and after a week I found out that this is an open source script available for free at
    Shame on you admin for posting a scam site without doing any research at all.

    • Sorry, we don’t have time to go into an in-depth research on every post we make. It’s just not physically possible. We try to be as rigorous as we can when we’re reviewing, but even then we’ve made mistakes in the past.

      One of the real problems with this kind of opportunistic behaviour is it’s really hard to track. For example looking at the TVSS site now, it appears that VanDaddy has locked down the forums, so you have to apply to join, which makes one more hurdle for reporters wanting to check on things (even if we knew it was there, which we didn’t originally).

      Sorry if you have been taken advantage of, and thanks for bringing it to our attention, and the attention of our readers.

    • Yea, TVStreamCMS is a massive scam, I would suggest you just remove the blurb about them, considering they are selling an open source CMS for $300. The original project was created by “TVSS” located at, you can even check the WhoIs information on the two domain’s and you will notice that TVSS has been around way longer than TVStreamCMS. I had access to the server files a few day’s back and I went through all of their files, and they are all encrypted, making editing the CMS impossible, TVSS however is open source, and are the original creators of the project.

    • they wont remove it because they got payed to write this siht

    • No we did not. Please do not lie.

    • then why did you write this article what is so special about a fucking 300usd php script ?

    • Please don’t swear. Thanks.

      We wrote the article because we’re a technology blog, and that’s what we do. Now that you folks have commented here, this post will serve as a reminder to people that they can get the same product via open source means. And so people can then choose. Thanks again.

    • alright

    • Thanks. :)

    • Because he got his link on if you scroll down you will see at the footer his link to this site. Dont trust this guy and don’t trust that scammer on

    • Sigh. Yes and as I have explained that is what we do. We are a technology reporting site, that means we report on technology. If it is a scam, then we will help to highlight that (as we are doing here by letting the comments speak for themselves. This is exactly the same as any respectable tech site does, for example TorrentFreak who also reported on TVStreams –

    • Dont be fooled its opensource here

    • Lol yes the script may be free online but they have plugins temllates and other grabberd which they sell that takes the site to a whole new level allowing all new sources and embeds which the free source doesn’t provide and as far as I know the people who may call it a scam are the ones who have not bought it at all and never used it

  • Lol yes the script may be free online but they have plugins temllates and other grabberd which they sell that takes the site to a whole new level allowing all new sources and embeds which the free source doesn’t provide and as far as I know the people who may call it a scam are the ones who have not bought it at all and never used it

  • biggest scam. do not buy this. even linking to this site put your website to shame for promoting scams. Everything is available for free unlike this website charging a ridiculous price for users who dont know better.

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