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Txt2Day. Send unlimited free text messages to almost any cell phone. What to say?

 Tired of paying text message fees? So are we! With Txt2Day you can send unlimited free text messages to almost any cell phone; you don’t even have to know the cell phone provider! Just enter the phone number, select the provider (if you know it), type in your text message, and hit send. It’s totally free text messaging!


  • Hmmm… not sure about this. I sent myself a test SMS almost two hours ago and nothing has come through yet. Are you sure it hasn’t just harvested my number for some horrible upcoming spam campaign ?

  • I’m sure it doesn’t harvest your number for a spam campaign. It’s my site.

    (thanks for the link by the way.. you’ve sent me over 100 unique visitors so far today)

    It sometimes doesn’t work. If you’re recently ported your number to a new carrier… it could cause problems.

    other than that, what provider? I’m using the provider’s specifications for sending messages… and I’ve tested most of them… however you may fall under one of the providers that I don’t know anybody who owns.

    Anyway, we don’t log anything.. except basic stats like “today there were 271 messages sent to cellular 1, 168 to cingular, 161 to verizon.. etc”

    I’d quickly fill up with crap if I stored messages and numbers.

    Also, it’s bad timing for you as our auto detect has been limited to people using our google module…. you weren’t one of the 30 people today who disabled their javascript and left “select provider” highlighted were you? Cuz that won’t go through.

    • uhm I just sent out a text msg to my friend and now his phone wont stop ringing and he keeps receiving the same text I sent ONCE over and over again… What in the world happened???????????? PLEASE get back at me about that asap!!!

  • Hi Ryan, thanks for the reply (and reassurance).
    I still haven’t received a text message. FYI I’ve had the number for a couple of years now on this phone. Provider is Orange (UK).


  • Try

    you can use this from any email program:

    (cell phone number)

    no need to go through any web site!
    Yeah, there’s a tag line at the end of the message, but that’s it.
    Been using it for a couple of years

  • nice

  • Hey, I was using teleflip for my auto detect.. but their privacy policy says they can send you ads, and or sell your information if they want to..

    So because of that, I took them out. I don’t know if they’re actually doing any of that or not (probably not), but the possibility for them to do so sorta scares me.

    I believe in upholding users privacy.. so I can guarantee that with txt2day a user will not recieve any advertising messages, and that their info will not be sold.
    We rely soley on ad clicks to fund our sites, and it pays the bills. There’s no need to do anything else.

    But thanks for the reccomendation.

  • I've sent three messages out of Chrome, but hours later none has been received. Concept sounds great, but it'd be even better if it actually worked.

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